March 27, 2015

From: D C Nath < >

Dear Friends,

Subject: Islamist Groups Plan “Islamic State” in the Indian Subcontinent

Here is a very significant piece of information from the Bengali daily, “Dainik Statesman” of March 25, 2015, originating from Dhaka.

The facts stated in it are like:

A few known terrorist outfits from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Mayanmar have decided to form an “Islamic State” in this subcontinent.

The main force behind is JMB (Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen of Bangladesh. ISIS s providing full support.

The name of the proposed body has been decided to be, “Islamic Law and Order Force of Hindustan.”

Those aligned to this group are: Harkat-ul-Jihad, Hizbut Tahrir, JMB and Ansarullah Bangla Team.

The group leaders had held a secret meeting in Bangladesh in October last year. A senior Syrian ISIS leader was present in the meeting.

The formation of an Islamic Khilafat in this subcontinent was the major topic for discussion.

The target date for the formation of the “Islamic Law and Force of Hindustan is 2020 by creating an armed revolution/ sabotage from within.

The assessment of the group is: the major obstacles before them currently are the internal security agencies of Bangladesh like RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) and the senior leaders from the Armed Forces, Border Guard and Police.

The leaders are in touch with each other through cell phones and emails.

All this information has been gathered from the former student leader of the Jaamat, namely, Ershad Hossain Mamun, who has been arrested on March 23, 2015.

Friends, it is worth noting how well and how much in advance, they make preparation to achieve their objective. This also fits in with the broad framework of what all we had discussed in our program of the 21st March at the IIC.

We do hope the government in the Centre is duly seized with the serious threat potential from what has come out in this report. A copy of this mail is separately sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Security Advisor for action as thought fit.

(Note: For those who read Bengali, a scanned copy of the concerned press report is attached.)


Your sevak!

D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)

(President, Patriots’ Forum)


Challenging Islam’s License to Kill

By Mark Durie


FrontPage Magazine

March 25, 2015


Originally published under the title, “Challenging Islam’s Warrant to Kill.”


(The non-Muslims cannot challenge it because they have no authority over Muslims.  They are not an Authority in Islam.  However, they can, and must declare Islam illegal in their kafir democracies. – Skanda987)


Last week the Islamic State’s ‘Hacking Division’ released the names and addresses of one hundred US military personnel. It urged the ‘brothers residing in America’ – i.e. American Muslims – to ‘deal with’ them, which is to say, it wants them killed.


There is much talk these days of radicalization and de-radicalization. At the heart of both processes are religious ideas: theological dogmas. What are some of the key theological principles that might cause a Muslim to take this call seriously? What is the Islamic reasoning given by the IS Hacking Division in support of its call to kill non-Muslims?


The Hacking Division quote two verses of the Qur’an:

  • Sura 9:123 ‘fight believers who are near to you,’ and
  • Sura 9:14 ‘Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them, and satisfy [actually yashfi ‘heal’] the breasts of a believing people’.


The meaning of these two verses hangs upon the word qātilū, translated here as ‘fight’. The verbal root q-t-l from which qātilū is formed means ‘kill’, so the Arabic actually means ‘fight to kill’ (see discussion here). These Qur’anic verses truly are commands to kill non-Muslims.


The second quoted verse, from Sura 9:14, puts forward a view concerning what Muslims should do about emotional pain and anguish they may experience because of unbelievers. ‘Allah’, the verse says, ‘will heal the breasts’ of Muslims, – and then the sentence continues into the next verse – ‘and remove the rage of their hearts’.


Persuading Muslims to take the words of Muhammad seriously is the core strategy of radicalization.


The key concept here is that if Muslims have strong feelings, including anger, against non-Muslims, their emotional distress will subside and be ‘healed’ as they kill, humiliate and triumph over non-believers. Strange therapy indeed for the human soul! According to the Qur’an, in order to secure inner ‘peace’, calm within the Muslim soul can be secured by shedding non-Muslim blood.


These are stock-standard verses used to urge Muslims to go for jihad against disbelievers. However what most caught my eye in the Hacking Division’s call to arms against infidels in America was but a reference to Muhammad’s teachings. The Hacking Division refers to hadith 4661 in a published English version of the Sahih Muslim (translated by Abdul Hamid Sidiqqi).


The Sahih Muslim is one of the most revered and authoritative sources for the teaching and example of Muhammad, whose life is considered exemplary and compulsory for Muslims to emulate. This particular hadith can be found on page 1263 of Volume 3 of the English edition:



Chapter 789 (DCCLXXXIX)


About a man who killed a disbeliever and embraced Islam.

(4661) It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: A disbeliever and a believer who killed him will never be gathered together in Hell. [See here.]


This is a most significant statement. It is saying that if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim, they cannot both end up in hell. The alternative to hell is paradise, so in other words, killing a non-Muslim – who is destined for hell due to their unbelief – can provide a sure ticket to paradise for a Muslim.


This tradition is the authority for a view widely put about by jihadis, that if a Muslim personally gets to kill a disbeliever, the Muslim will gain paradise. Put together with the famous belief that for a Muslim to be ‘martyred’ in jihad opens the gates of paradise (see Sura 3:169-170; 9:111; and 22:58), fighting to kill non-Muslims can be a ticket to glory, win or lose. Either one kills and gains a get-out-of-hell free card, or one is killed and gains a get-into-paradise-free card. This is a win-win proposition for the jihadi.


Persuading Muslims to take the words of Muhammad seriously is the core strategy of radicalization. This tactic works as well as it does because it appeals to a plain reading of Islam’s holy texts.


To be de-radicalized, a Muslim needs to repudiate the theological authority of the teachings of Muhammad and the Qur’an. This is a hard call for pious Muslims. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was surely correct in her recent essay calling for reform of Islam when she wrote that the fundamental problem is that the majority of otherwise peaceful and law-abiding Muslims are unwilling to acknowledge, much less to repudiate, the theological warrant for intolerance and violence embedded in their own religious texts.


Hirsi Ali also declared:


We in the West need to challenge and debate the very substance of Islamic thought and practice. We need to hold Islam accountable for the acts of its most violent adherents and to demand that it reform or disavow the key beliefs that are used to justify those acts.


Hirsi Ali was right: The West needs to engage with and repudiate the Islamic dogmas that killing or being killed in murderous attacks against non-Muslims is some kind of golden key which unlocks the gates of paradise. Until these beliefs and the canonical teachings they rely on are acknowledged and repudiated, the lives of non-Muslims will continue to be discarded as the ‘ticket to paradise’ of Muslim belligerents.


Hadiths such as 4661 from Sahih Muslim, and the Qur’anic verses cited here are a genuine part of the Islamic canon. Such verses remain un-renounced and un-repudiated by a great many Muslims and Islamic institutions today.


As long as such texts are not repudiated, the theological winds of Islam will all too easily continue to sweep pious Muslim hearts and minds towards radicalization, a process which exalts the idea that the lives of infidels are disposable.


Islam’s warrant to kill infidels is an idea which deserves to be exposed, challenged, thoroughly debated, and rejected.


Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist, Anglican pastor, a Shillman-Ginsburg Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum, and Adjunct Research Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths at Melbourne School of Theology.


Whose Side Are You On

Whose Side Are You On?


From: Mohan Natarajan < >





Our minority controlled media and the treacherous western media, made a lot of noise when India banned the screening of India’s daughter.  BBC is shameless so also the Oxford University. INDIAN SECULARS SUPPORTED THE BBC, IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


See the arrogance – they speak about freedom of speech but bans Swamy, fearing, he will expose the whites.  SHAME ON UK, SHAME ON INDIAN SECULARS.


I am enclosing a posting from another group, detailing the ban of Swamy and Rajiv.

Please disseminate.


With best wishes,

N Mohan




Oxford University bars Dr. Subramanian Swamy & Rajiv Malhotra –

Cancels lecture on “India’s Economy” & “Revisionist History”


The Human Rights Act 1998incorporates Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.  Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.


[And yet – – – – !!]


‘We are stunned that a leading British University that should be championing free speech and freedom of thought, has taken such a cowardly decision. We cannot allow the appeasement of extremists to stifle cherished values and I fear this decision will reflect very badly on Oxford University and their much publicized “free rigorous thinking” credentials.” Satish K Sharma, General Secretary, National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)


From this surprising cancellation, effectively banning Dr. Swamy and Shri Malhotra from speaking at Oxford University, we might reasonably conclude that the faculty of Oxford University, tasked with the responsibility of educating young impressionable minds, are incapable of communicating by personal example, the fundamental need for observance and protection of Human rights, especially the right to Freedom of Speech.


A statistical review of who has been barred and who has been welcomed may reveal an uncomfortable correlation and point to a persistent phenomenon concerning the clarity of vision and “discrimination-free” credentials of the senior members of the Oxford Academic Faculty, particularly it would seem when the rights being trampled underfoot are those of “brown skinned Hindus”.








Poulasta Chakraborthy

24 March 2015


For long I always thought of Oxford University as one of those hallowed sanctuaries where all viewpoints, no matter how eye-popping or scandalous, got acceptance. What else would explain the Oxford Union inviting the likes of far-right politicians like Marine Le Pen, as well as the famed Holocaust denier David Irving?


But my faith in Oxford as a supporter of free thought and speech received a rude jolt on 20 March, when a decision was taken to cancel the lectures on ‘Economic development over the years and new reforms needed to take India forward’ and ‘Rethinking India History based on the book Breaking India: Western Intervention in Dravidian and Dalit fault lines’, by Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Rajiv Malhotra citing “logistical and internal issues”.


The decision was supposed to have been taken after a series of meetings between prominent and influential members of Oxford University’s academic faculty and members of the Oxford India Society.

One interesting fact to notice here is that a petition opposing Subramanian Swamy and Rajiv Malhotra was raised on the popular site change.org, urging the Oxford India Society to cancel the invitation extended to them to speak on the aforementioned topics.


Now are these petitioners actually striving to prevent giving the Oxford platform to people they consider as bigots with extremist views? What are these extremist views these crusaders of decency are trying to prevent?




From: Mohan Natarajan < >


Dear all


I am sending an excellent article. See how Christians are crying wolf, wolf

Blaming Modi, BJP, Hindus, for church vandalization without telling the truth.

But see, how devious they are. The article clearly spells out.

This type of article will never find a place in our minority controlled media.


With best wishes,




‘India has always been a land of acceptance of diversity. But if the evangelical activities continue unabated, there is no doubt this will cause a backlash.’


‘One exclusive ideology begets another. The hit list will spread. The more strident the evangelists, the more strident the voices for Ghar Wapsi will grow,’ says Sankrant Sanu.


• Also read: Indian-American Christians want PM to walk the talk


A highly respected retired police officer, Julio Ribeiro, recently wrote a column saying that as an Indian Christian he felt like he was on a hit list. I respect Ribeiro’s feelings, even though, as analysis has shown (external link), these are not based on reality (external link).


There is little evidence of Christians in India being on any kind of hit list.


There is a hit list, but thankfully not with Ribeiro’s name on it. Unfortunately, I am on it, as are all non-Christian communities in India and throughout the world. This hit list is very systematically organized and is backed by vast monetary and state resources. Consider this description:


Did you know that the Sonar people of Maharashtra, India, are the primary crafters of gold and silver Hindu idols? These idols are the most powerful stronghold that Satan has upon the Hindu worshipers in India and around the world. When the Sonar people embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, the subsequent change in their livelihood could have a huge ripple effect in the world of Hinduism. As one international Christian worker said, “When we reach the Sonar with the gospel, we will see the collapse of Hinduism.” Pray that the gospel would flow through and permeate the Sonar culture like molten silver fills a mold.’


The aim is spelled out. It is the ‘collapse of Hinduism’, and every single Hindu is a target. This quote is not from some fringe group, but from the official pages of the International Mission Board, the evangelism arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Southern Baptist Convention, who?


The Southern Baptist Convention was formed in the United States in 1845 mainly to create mission boards. It boasts of over 16 million members and runs 48 Baptist colleges and universities. It counts several past United States presidents among its members and its revenues from member contributions top $9 billion annually.


Then US president George W Bush addressed each of the convention’s last four annual meetings. But this is not just a Republican issue. Democrats like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are Baptists too.


Not convinced yet? Let me introduce you to the Joshua Project (external link), the comprehensive hit list. Here is the target map (external link), in which red stands for ‘unreached people’, the biggest target on the hit list.


As you can see from that link, India is densely red.


Just wishful thinking? Hardly. This is fully operationalized, with vast resources behind it. Global Christianity is a $250 billion+ annual revenue machine with a large number of State and non-State actors. The funding for global evangelism’s hit list is nearly $50 billion annually. That is quite a supari.


You can helpfully filter as you wish. Yes, they now have 2,412 Hindu groups (up from 1,596 in the database a decade ago) on the hit list but their goals are not confined to ‘Satanic Hindoos’ alone. Do look it up. When I did a few years ago, I found this:


‘Among the targets — the small Akha group in Vietnam consisting of a mere 3,040 people following their ethnic traditions to the largest groups — the 13 million Sinhalese who follow Buddhism — only 4% of which have yet been converted according to the Joshua database. India contains the largest number of targeted groups. Sample targets — among the Buddhists — the 102,480 Bhotias in Sikkim, and the 47,030 Sherpas, the 162,210 Tibetan Buddhists and the 8,410,800 Marathi Nau Buddhists; the 3,165,200 Bania Jains; among the Muslims –the 9,796,100 Ansaris, the 6,938,600 Sayyids, the 894,690 Faqirs and the 112,420 Ganchis.’


‘The tribal religionists are, of course, the easiest targets, many of them having already been “reached” — a remaining sample include the Mongpa, all of 850 people, following Tibetan Himalayan customs. The Sikhs are another major target — further divided into 58 groups, from the 11,581,200 Jat Sikhs to the 880 Assamese Sikhs. Among the 1,596 Hindu target groups — the 3.4 million Aroras, the 53.5 million Yadavs, the 6.9 million Nairs, the Sonar community of nearly 6.5 million people to the barely 14,000 Kashmiri Hindu Zargars.’


To each of these thousands of target groups gets assigned church planting teams, missionaries, resources, funds, media support, Bibles in their language and dubbed versions of the ‘Jesus’ film (with children’s versions), now available in a staggering 877 languages. No other global corporate multinational could come close to a marketing campaign of this breadth.


Every native culture is on their target list, all must be brought to Christ. Why?


‘It is a vision that will be fulfilled, for Jesus said in Matthew 24:14, “The gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a witness to every nation and then the end will come.”


The goal is to bring about no less than the End of the World and Judgment Day when apparently Christians would bodily ascend to heaven and all other would be ‘Left Behind’ for the torment of hell.


You may not know this, but in the US there was an entire bestselling book series called Left Behind (external link) that described the rapture of heaven for the god-believing Christians and the torment of hell for incorrigible heathens like me who would be left behind.


That is quite a hit list. And the most fundamentalist of Christians — those that believe all other religions are Satanic — are the ones most active in the evangelism project.


The assault of evangelical Christianity is the spread of this exclusive right-wing Christian belief. But this is no fringe effort.


Here is the description from Tehelka (external link), no ‘Hindutva’ magazine, that was able to find the same data I did.


‘Religious expansionism has not witnessed this scale, scope, and state resources in a long time. Detailed investigations by Tehelka reveal that American evangelical agencies have established in India an enormous, well-coordinated and strategized religious conversion plan. At the heart of this complex and sophisticated operation is a simple strategy — convert locals and then give them the know-how and money to plant their own churches and multiply.’


‘A large-scale intelligence operation that brought together American strategists, theologians, missionary specialists, demographers, technologists, sociologists, anthropologists and researchers to create the most comprehensive people group profiles in the 10/40 window… The 10/40 window, denoting the latitudes on the globe considered the prime target for conversion, has India squarely in its sights.’


Now I don’t know about Ribeiro, but I was brought up to value the diversity of religions and cultures on the planet. As I child I would happily go to a Sikh Gurdwara and a Hindu temple with equal reverence. Christmas would be celebrated with our Christian friends, often with a visit to the local church.


In the world according to my simple heathen eyes, all this was wonderful. After all, everyone had their own way, and it added to the richness of the planet.


And why can’t we be Hindu and Christian and Buddhist all at once?


Since I discovered I was on a hit list about 10 years ago I have been researching evangelical Christian missions. The findings are not great. For this type of Christianity attacks something that has been core to the Indian ethos, the reason for the relative peace and acceptance between different religious communities in India. A missionary site stated the problem quite clearly:


‘Anyone who is familiar with India knows that India has always been a challenge to the Gospel. Hinduism that teaches, “Just as all rivers lead to the ocean, all religions lead to God”, (mistakenly, says Skanda987) dominates the thinking of the masses. (When the Vedas said all paths lead to the same destination that meant all Vedic paths or yogas or saadhanaas. It did include Christianity, islam, ec which did not exist then. – Skanda987) Many Hindus revere Jesus as another god. Yet their eyes are blinded to the uniqueness of Christ.’


No, Christians are not being persecuted in India. India has always been a land of acceptance of diversity. But if the evangelical activities continue unabated, there is no doubt this will cause a backlash.


One exclusive ideology begets another. The hit list will spread. The more strident the evangelists, the more strident the voices for Ghar Wapsi will grow.


This exclusive dogma is alien to all of us. Like a foreign body intrusion, it will evoke a response. It will lead to competitive madness.


There is a way to reel this back, but to do so we must cease the distinction between Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. Rather we should distinguish between all those that are committed to Indian pluralism and reject all those that preach exclusive dogmas.


This kind of money can buy a lot of media support. The facts of this evangelical war upon India has largely been kept out of mainstream discourse in India, even when they have been readily available in the public domain for years.


Now is the time for Indian society to truly say no to this conversion war (external link).


Let us challenge this hit list together, Mr. Ribeiro.

Sankrant Sanu is an author and entrepreneur based in Gurgaon and Seattle. He blogs at sankrant.org. The views expressed are personal.


Sankrant Sanu



From: Nalin Parekh < >

Global voices against Halal

21 Mar 15

Written by Rohini Verma

Published in World

There is a need to open people’s eyes about the unfortunate religious practice of Halal and its political-economic consequences the world over. We all have heard of the word “Halal”, do we know what goes in to the process of Halal?

Halal is the Arabic word for “lawful” or “permitted”. Halal is the word that is used in reference to foods and drinks that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic Shariah law. In regard to halal, there is also a term ‘Haram’ that signifies the food that cannot be eaten by Muslims. Such food includes pork meat, blood, alcoholic drinks etc. and most importantly the animals which are not killed by the process of Halal. Halal guidelines also forbid consumption of some carcass parts like the testicles and bladder. So Muslims eat only that food which comes from a supplier that uses halal practices. Specifically, the slaughter must be performed by a Muslim who, during the process, will recite a dedication, known as tasmiya or shahada. (Invoking the name of Allah) and then saying three times “Allahu akbar” (Allah is the greatest and the only God). Animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and must face Mecca. Then, the animal must be slaughtered with a sharp knife by cutting the throat, windpipe and the blood vessels in the neck, without cutting the spinal cord. Lastly, the blood from the veins must be drained. This is considered a very inhumane and painful process because the animal dies a very slow and painful death. Since the rules dictate (among other things) that the animal must be alive and conscious at the moment its throat is slit. ‘In the Holy Quran, it says that the animal should listen to the prayers of Allah. If it’s unconscious, then it won’t be able to do that.’ Here is a live report of such a slaughter:

“The slaughter according to Islamic law – the throat cut with a rough sawing action. The cut half severs the head but doesn’t kill the animal. The animal slides on the ground, got onto its knees, regained its feet with its throat gaping and blood pouring from its throat. And then it ended up charging towards me with its throat cut. It was just appalling. To stop it getting up again, the slaughter man slashes the tendon on its rear leg. This steer is vocalizing a lot at this point. The tongue is coming out, so clearly distressed. You can see from his eye that he’s distressed. These are all behaviors that are indicative of fear, anxiety, and distress. Lamb after lamb has its throat sliced open while fully conscious. They make pitiful bleating and gurgling sounds as they choke on their own blood. It’s a chilling sound that, once heard, stays with you for days.” Quranic verses regarding halal foods include: 2:173, 5:5, and 6:118-119, 121. I don’t think any other religion describes topics like the method of killing of animals, that too in so ghastly manner. The requirement to invoke Allah’s name is a must for slaughter of any animal in halal. Kosher meats, which are consumed by Jews, are permitted to be eaten by Muslims because there is a similarity between their method of slaughter and halal meat. On particular festivals, the ritual involves binding the animal, typically around the muzzle or legs, and slitting the throat. The animal will eventually bleed out in a painful and gruesome display. Many times the animal is beaten, sometimes to death, before the blood is drained. Halal slaughter during the month of Eid is performed as a public ritual, often in the open streets of Muslim communities. Blood from the countless sacrifices pools in the public squares and is tracked around by spectators.

The rising global objections to Halal

In western countries there is a requirement of stunning an animal before slaughter, in India the killing of animal is done in a swift blow called “Jhatka ‘where instant beheading, with one single strike reduces the pain for the animal. Globally, halal food has been criticized by animal rights activists.


The British Veterinary Association (BVA) says that “all animals should be effectively stunned before slaughter to improve the welfare of these animals” and killing animals without stunning them causes “unnecessary suffering”. But citizens are now concerned that the inhumane halal method might be increasingly being practiced in Britain. The latest census suggests there are at least 2.7 million Muslims in the UK, with a spending power estimated in the region of £20bn. Muslims think that the practice of pre-stunning is contrary to the specifications of zabiha and prefer to eat halal meat that has not been pre-stunned. Additionally these Muslims came together and campaigned for the traditional halal method.

Muslim authorities like Halal Food Authority (HFA), a non-profit organization that monitors adherence to halal principles in the UK, on the other hand example insist that stunning cannot be used to kill an animal. This has led many slaughterhouses to move to halal processes so they do not lose Muslim customers.

This means, not only might the Islamic halal method being used on the animals, the unsuspecting citizens might even be consuming halal meat.

The Halal Food Authority, now estimates that a staggering 25% of the entire UK meat market is halal. But Muslims are about 5% of the UK population, therefore there is as much as 5 times more halal meat than Muslims. In Feb. 2015 a horrific footage was secretly filmed in an abattoir in North Yorkshire that raised anger among animal rights activists. This gruesome video showed sheep being hacked and tortured to death. The film showed the Muslim workers kicking sheep in the face and hurling them into solid structures. Not using pre stunning method, the rising halal slaughter and increasing animal cruelty being caught at these halal slaughterhouses have angered the animal rights groups. People are now also demanding clear labelling of food as unsuspecting population is being fed halal food. The British government meanwhile has no intention of banning religious slaughter, may be due to the large Muslim population living there. This Muslim appeasement is a tool to secure Muslim votes in elections.   EUROPE

Stunning of livestock has been mandatory in the EU since 1979, but member states can grant exemptions for religious slaughter. Some countries, including Denmark, have decided to ban non-stunning slaughter altogether. Concern about slaughtering, without prior stunning, has resulted in the religious slaughter of animals being banned in Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. AUSTRALIA

In Australia, the national standard for meat production requires that all animals must be effectively stunned (unconscious) prior to slaughter. The vast majority of halal slaughter in Australia complies with this standard,. But there are a small number of abattoirs in Australia that have been granted permission from the relevant State or Territory food authority to conduct religious slaughter without prior stunning – for either Halal or Kosher (Jewish slaughter) purposes.

Australians are also rising against export of live meat after some Gazans were filmed doing cruelty to the cattle.

Concerns of Social observers in Australia

Along with a strong request on ban of live animals export to Islamic countries. Not only food but a large number of products including creams and soaps, chocolate etc. are now being certified as halal ie a check to see if any of these contain prohibited products like alcohol for example. This leads to a demand of certification on all consumer non-durables as halal. This halal certification is Raking up $20 to $30 million a year in Australia alone.

The anti halal campaigners in Australia insist that certification pushes up prices and this money goes to fund ISLAMIC Charities which have link to terror groups like Hamas. Besides these the Halal system also gives rise to some not-so-obvious problems. 1. Jobs reserved exclusively for Muslims Sharia requires that the animals should be killed by Muslims only which leads to employment generation for Muslims in the west. So, even if you are not educated enough, if you are a Muslim, one safe career opportunity is exists for you – of a slaughter man. 2. Infidels paying zakat: Zakat is a small percentage of earnings that Muslims put aside for donating to their Mosque for charity. Recent findings reveal a large fraction of this global money goes towards funding terrorist activities. Now, even in those countries where Muslims population is low in percentage, unsuspecting governments fall privy to the demands of Muslims organizations for halaal certification on all foods, this certification is obviously provided by a Muslim body only. They charge a fees and check the products of a company for halal compliance. Thus the companies end up paying a huge total to these organizations (or in case the government funds this body then the local citizens end up funding these bodies) who allegedly use these funds for zakat and terrorist activities. This is equivalent to taxing non-Muslims to pay for Muslim schools. Such concerns now being openly raised in Sri Lanka and Australia among other countries.  3. Impose sharia on unsuspecting people by making them eat halal food (along with paying zakat). Even in India the local hot dog stands proudly claim to carry halal food, whereas halal food is strictly forbidden under Hindu law.

Indian Subcontinent


Bodu Sena is a Sinhalese Buddhist nationalist monastic organization based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Which wants to do away entirely with Halal certification in their country claiming on similar allegation that this is used to funding terrorism , enforce ‘Muslim ritualistic food ‘ on rest of the population with the ultimate aim of imposing Sharia in Sri Lanka


More and more international brands in India are now suspected to be selling halal food KFC, you may find the Halal logo on their counters if you are observant enough. Moreover India recently introduced a halal cosmetic range

After going through all these facts, one gets a feeling that no religion should be allowed to dictate such painful and merciless killing of animals. Can’t the festivals be enjoyed without giving painful deaths to poor animals?

Many deeply religious souls in the West too eat meat because it is sanctioned in their holy books. However, India is a Hindu majority nation and Hinduism teaches compassion for all living beings. Various animals’ forms are worshipped by Hindus who’re the closest thing to paganism in the modern world.

Respecting all forms of life is integral to Sanaatan Dharma. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism agree in their support of non-violence and a vegan lifestyle. (So the demand of the Vedics in Bhaarat desh is to stop killing cows in any manner including halaal or zaatkaa. – Skanda987)

Jains follow dietary codes regulating even the types of plants they eat. Hinduism too believes that vegetarianism promotes a healthy spiritual life.

It is high time for the animal rights activists and humanitarians take a stand against such killings of poor animals and put an end to this inhuman practice being carried out in name of religion.


From: Rajput < >


Subject: Re: Sweden’s Foreign Minister Reviled as an Enemy of the Prophet


Very interesting to read at the following link:

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Reviled as an Enemy of the Prophet


The whole world should stand by Margot Wallström and revile the Mohammed of Mecca instead, who filled his KORAN with words and verses of hatred, contempt and abusive language for anyone PROUD ENOUGH to refuse to bow his head before the Prophet of Islam.


Millions of well educated, decent and proud people have already accepted death when given the choice by the savages, “Islam or death?” The world cannot mourn their loss enough.


In the news item the very fact that Sweden has a FEMALE prime minister is something most offensive to the average Muslim psyche, especially in Saudi Arabia where a women cannot drive her car alone and after marriage can be ONE OF FOUR!


Why is our free emancipated world so hell bent on appeasing the Morons who believe in a book in which mankind is sharply divided between the Muslims with divine right to enter paradise and the non-Muslims condemned to burn in Hell forever?


It is THIS conceptual dark pit of fire in which Muslims find their justification to eliminate the “Kefirs (Infidels) from the earth even by dying as suicide bombers.


We have never questioned, “Who gave the right to anyone to call us UNBELIEVERS, Kafirs or Infidels? (Answer by Skanda987: Their ignorance.) Why has the Book not been censored or banned? (India, bleeding and mutilated at Partition in 1947 had good reason to do so.) (The Hindus must do it as soon as possible—make Bhaarat a Vedic State where all the intolerant religions will be illegal. – Skanda987.)


The self-righteous savages, acting as ISIL in Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Qaida in Afghanistan and Taliban in Pakistan, seem to have the license to KILL, rape and DESTROY at whim and fancy.”


What will the world look like if they are not checked, thrown back and exterminated right now?


Let us not leave the ongoing global tragedy to our grandchildren. (We the freedom lovers of the world need to nip the EVIL in the bud ourselves! – Skanda987)



(Speaking for Sally Adey, 57, wife and mother from Shropshire, England, gunned down by Mohammed’s followers on Wednesday, March 18, 2015)



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