From: D. C. Nath < >

Subject: BJP is Brazenly Cultivating Muslims

July 20, 2015

Dear Friends,

We have just shared with you the excellent review of the Urdu Press by the India Policy Foundation, exposing their mischief potential.

We have, on the other hand, the case of the ruling BJP party blandly cultivating the Muslim community through, if we may say, “misuse” of Urdu. Let us in this connection read together a news report, appearing in p.2 of “The Asian Age” of July 16, 2015:

Quote (.)

BJP to reach out to Muslims with Urdu booklets

Jul 16, 2015 – Amita Verma | Lucknow-The Asian Age

In a new initiative to reach out to Muslims on the eve of the Assembly elections in Bihar, West Bengal and then UP, the BJP has decided to publish the achievements of the Modi government in Urdu. Pamphlets, booklets and even posters will be published in Urdu to dilute the party’s anti-Muslim image and also to reach out to Muslim voters.

UP BJP minority cell president Rumana Siddiqui confirmed that Urdu literature about the government’s achievements will soon be made available to the UP BJP office for distribution.

“So far, all party literature used to be published in Hindi, and at times, in English, but now we are publishing in Urdu too so that the Muslim voters can read it themselves and assess the performance of the Modi government,” a party functionary said.

The party, however, denies that this is a strategy to woo Muslims ahead of the UP Assembly elections.

“This is not being done for UP alone. These pamphlets and booklets will be distributed in Muslim- populated areas even in states that are not going to elections in the next two years. The BJP is a national party with a sizeable membership and every citizen in the country should know what the government is doing, irrespective of the fact whether he is our voter or not,” the functionary said.

BJP national vice-president Dinesh Sharma said that the party was against the appeasement of Muslims but was certainly not against the Muslim community. “This is not an exercise to seek votes. Everybody has the right to know about the achievements of the government. Muslims will get the message in a right way if it is given in Urdu,” he said and added that pamphlets highlighting the performance of the Modi government in the past one year may also be published in other regional languages soon.

Unquote (.)

Friends, there is no reason to disbelieve the press report, especially when there has been no contradiction published. We have read the report several times. The more we read, the greater was the sense of revulsion overtaking us. A Hindu nationalist party, now ruling the country, can stoop so low and then publicize that. A lot more effective work is done without bringing the same in the public domain.

It beats us hollow to understand why this planned program to impress upon this particular minority community the achievements of the government. If the intention is to secure Muslim votes in the forthcoming Bihar State elections, the BJP leaders do not seem to have learnt their lessons. The fiasco enacted in the last Kashmir elections has apparently fallen flat on them. A Hindu nationalist party can Never, Never win over the Muslims. Is this so difficult to understand what ordinary apolitical citizen easily understands?

Can the BJP leaders answer why they are not doing the same work in respect of the poor tribals in various parts of India? If they take their support, vote in political terms, they would be sadly mistaken. The majority Hindu community is, as it is, splintered, but they will not take this blatant courtship of only one minority community kindly. So, the party should be prepared for sharp backlash.

Well, we are not into politics, which is, by and large, a “No Go” area for us. Political skill is not our forte. We felt concerned because many other more deserving communities needed equal attention in the matter of educating them in political matters.

Friends, you will find we have endorsed this mail to the concerned for whatever worth it is to them. They ought not to take the general public for granted. Some amongst you would recall we had strongly protested against the Minister for Minority Affairs going on tax payers’ money on a virtual “Bharat Darshan” trip in the name of removing alleged existence of apprehension in the minds of the Muslim community that the government was not doing enough for them, which is farthest from truth.

Now, it seems to be a combined effort of the party and the government to woo the Muslims. The majority community must think over and plan how to effectively protest against such “conspiracy”. This CAN NOT be accepted in silence.


Your sevak,

  1. C. Nath

From: Kumar Arun < >

Dear PM of Bharat /Narendra bhai,


You didn’t earn the chair of prime minister rather people bestowed upon you. Not all Indians wanted you to reach where you are today. It was poor villagers of India & downtrodden Hindus who trusted you and let you win. Neither your mentors: ABV or LKA nor BJP members cared much. If you have been thanking many of them. I am sorry you are completely mistaken. Don’t you know who actually saved your pride and allowed you to go where you are today?

On the foreign policies, your friendship with one of the weakest & confused president of USA, Barack Hussain Obama is very much damaging for the transformation of India into Bharat. You know that but you are looking something from Obama and that majority of your voters in India can’t figure it out. The fact is coming out by your deeds. Although we have patience and will see what happens in your 2nd year term. However, unless & until you fulfill your promises (highlighted below) to majority of “Hindu Voters”, most likely you will not succeed. Indeed, westerns may bestow you a Nobel Prize but Hindus will offer tears only.

Before May 18, 2016, Modi government must do/implement/execute followings:

  1. Must investigate all corrupt politicians from all political parties. Any one found guilty of breaking laws of the land, especially doing unconstitutional, must be indicted and punished by law.
  1. Must investigate powerful non-politicians, ex: Priyanka & Robert Vadra and others for wrong doings. I for one would like to know under which law he was given free pass on all the airports in India.
  1.     Appoint 21 members committee of true scholars to rewrite “constitution of Bharat” and must replace Indian Penal Code (IPC) which was jammed in the throat of Hindus by the British occupiers.

Dr. Kumar Arun

July 17, 2015


From: R Singh < >

Arun ji,

Thanks for this appropriate letter to PM.

If on the 16 May 2014 the PM and People stood on one spot and moved from there, today the divergence has gone beyond 100 degrees.

People are watching something in utter disbelief. They had expected:-

the Hindu refugees back to Srinagar;

Construction work to begin in Ayodhya;

Article 370 deleted from the Constitution;

Jammu and Ladakh to be made States (away from “cancerous” Muslim Kashmir);

Memorials to be put up for the Hindu DEAD during that bogus Partition;

Work was to begin on the new Constitution of Hindusthan (replacing Nehru’s pseudo-secular “mongrel dog” of a document!);

Corruption cases were to begin against all those whose name was tarnished by scams, commissions, bribes and land grab; and son on.

But it is the “SILENCE OF THE DEAD” on all fronts now! The bust of Gandhi in the PM’s office makes appeasement of Muslims and cowardice the State policy instead of Hindu “Shakti”!

People are speechless due to embarrassment. They still have immense respect for Modi and are silent. On the other hand Sonia & Crooks have lost all respect and people abuse them openly.

But whether it is a saint or those thieves (thugs), our Hindusthan is not getting on the right lines and is going wayward. That is where the danger lies.

If the defeated Hindu nation does not muster guts and show boldness & courage, second Partition of India will become inevitable. Already we have seen the unthinkable- slaughtering a cow laid on Tricolour (national flag) drenched in blood!

Last time when our leaders just winked, the country was disemboweled and lost five provinces in an instant. Nehru, the Crook, did everything in his power to FOOL the nation into believing in NORMALCY while in reality, and strategically speaking, the balance of power on the sub-continent had been shattered to the advantage of the enemy who now calls the shots, having the atom bombs and all the volition & motivation, like the suicide bombers, to DROP them, hoping for the rewards in paradise!

People in ivory towers go deaf. And here is the proof! But whenever that happens a new revolution is born.

Best wishes


Strong Hindu Families for Strong Hindu Youth

By Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana dasa)

[This was an article written especially for the Hindu Mandir Executives Conference, 2015, following the theme on “Strengthening the Hindu Family.”]

Naturally it takes a strong Hindu family to instill in the youth of today faith in their Vedic culture. The family is where such faith and identity begin.

When the parents are strong in their confidence and practice of the traditions of Vedic Dharma, naturally the children will pick up on this. They will also become attracted to various aspects of the Vedic path. They may like watching the aarati, or saying the prayers, or having their Krishna dolls, or even in offering their food to the Deity, or watching episodes of the Mahabharata. As they get older they may like attending a Hindu children’s camp, or going to the temple for children’s classes like Balgokulam or Balvihar, or going to the temple for the holidays like Janmastami and others. Actually, I have seen when the children like going to the Sunday classes to join with other children at the temple, it may also become an impetus for the parents to regularly go to the temple. Yet, the parents should want to go anyway. Plus, taking the children every year to joyous occasions and festivals like Rathayatra, etc., can create impressions, samskaras and memories in the children so that they will want to continue that tradition when they are adults and take their own children to such joyous events at the temple. They will remember the happiness when the whole family celebrated such festivals. This is what helps create a strong Hindu identity in the family, especially in the children, as well as a loyalty to the traditions.

However, it seems that this is not how it is always happening. Too many times the parents do not get involved in developing their children’s understanding of Vedic Dharma and its customs. Too many times the parents also do not know enough about it to be able to answer all of their children’s questions. Nor are the parents always motivated to go to the temple on a regular basis, or to take their children to classes, leaving it up to the children to find their own way.

This is why, more than a few times, Indian Hindu parents have asked me what to do now that their children are dating a Christian or Muslim, or attending Christian youth camps, where the criticism of anything outside that faith plays a specific role. And when the parents object to their children about doing such things, the Hindu youth reply that their parents were never involved that much or took it seriously, or they were always told that all religions are the same, so what makes the difference? This is where the problems begin. But it is funny that the only religion wherein some members say all religions are the same is Hinduism. Otherwise, many other religions are quick to not only point out the differences, but to criticize Hinduism as well.

If families are not strong enough to invoke a strong Hindu identity in their children by the way they are raised and educated, then the children may grow up to be simply wimpy, hardly Hindus to such a degree that they not only will not know how to maintain a strong Hindu identity, but they may even be indifferent to do so, or worse yet, be ashamed of it. In such a scenario, it is only a matter of another generation or two when Hinduism, at least in the way we know it, will cease to exist, at least here in America.

So parents must understand their duty to their family when it comes to the education, the inspiration, the understanding, and participation of their children in the traditions, customs and philosophy of Vedic Dharma.

Actually this is an obligation that is outlined in shaashtra. For example, the Bhagavata Purana (5.5.18) explains: One who cannot deliver his dependents from the path of repeated birth and death should never become a spiritual master, a father, a husband, a mother, or a daivam (accepting a worshipable position.)

So it is the duty of parents to train their children appropriately. Naturally, we can only encourage our children to a certain extent, but it has been seen that those children that grow up in a strong Hindu family are more likely to be grounded in the Vedic values, and will remain stronger in their Vedic identity than those who are not. While those that come from weak-minded Hindu families, who are taught that all religions are the same, are also likely to give it the least consideration. They become like ships without a rudder, with little spiritual direction, and you do not know where they are going to end up culturally.

However, Hindu parents should know better than this. They should be educated in their own culture and philosophy enough to know how to answer questions of their children. They should be willing and able to show a strong dedication to their Vedic culture and its traditions so the children will also pick up on that and understand the benefits that it provides, and what is the basis of these traditions. The Hindu temple priests should also be willing and able to explain the details and reasons of any ceremony. The point is, that it is the family setting and environment, and the example of the parents that creates a strong Hindu identity in the youth, which is especially important when they are young, which can then help continue the tradition in the future. Without this, the continuation of Vedic Dharma becomes questionable.

Naturally, as Hindus, we are respectful of all religions. But there is no reason why we should not be more so toward our own. And this starts in the family. It is the attractive nature and the universal spiritual principles in Vedic Dharma that draws people to it. We are not interested in converting people, especially by tricks, force, intimidation, fear tactics, or economic manipulation. But in India, these have been important tactics for converting Hindus to other religions for years. I especially saw this while doing two lecture tours in India’s northeastern states. They have no qualms about saying things like Hinduism is the worship of devils and demons. I have even heard televangelists say that here in America. And should we not be able to defend ourselves from such things? Should we not be able to speak out? The strength to do so depends on our upbringing or background.

Not long ago I was invited by a young Hindu in Houston to participate in a Hindu youth camp. I had booked the plane ticket and everything. But later it was decided that I should not be invited. The reason was because the previous year, another popular western Hindu speaker had been there and was describing his story of how he became a follower of Vedic Dharma. In telling his story, he mentioned that Christianity and Islam did not have what he was looking for. A simple statement, I would think, and hardly anything political. He was simply relating part of his development. But that statement created a backlash at the camp. So it was decided this year that they did not want to take a chance of someone saying something similar. And this was supposed to be a “Hindu camp.”

The youth I was speaking to came from a strong Hindu family, and he was telling me that he felt frustrated by the whole thing because many of his age group lacked the backbone or strength to stand up for their own culture. Plus, only a short time earlier, at a nearby university the president of the Hindu Student Council, which is known for supporting strong Hindu ideals, converted to Islam because she wanted to impress the parents of her Muslim boyfriend. This leads to question how much Hindu are they. How strong are they in their allegiance to and participation in the Vedic traditions and Hindu community if they cannot even stand up for their own culture or remain in the Hindu fold? So the question is: Do Hindus have a right to defend themselves? Can I say why I left a previous religion to follow Vedic Dharma? Apparently not when other Hindus object.

Certainly, Hindus can do better than this. I do not like to feel that I am in a minority of those who are strong enough to take a stand and say that I am proud to be a Hindu, and also have the information and the willingness to explain why. Or am I alone here, like a dying breed?

We should be willing to stand up for who we are, and not be afraid or intimidated by those who challenge us or our tradition. But we need to be educated to know how to do that in the right way. But if we are going to be afraid to defend ourselves, or try to be overly politically correct which paves the way for others to walk all over us, then what is the future of Hinduism going to be? If we cannot even say why we chose Vedic Dharma over other religions, because some may interpret that as a criticism of others, then what kind of spineless person are we? I may not be criticizing other religions, but I should certainly feel strong enough to explain what I find attractive and profound about Vedic Dharma. And if that is a problem, if that is typical about the mindset of Hindus, then others will and do take advantage of that.

The conclusion is that the future of our freedom to participate in the traditions of Vedic Dharma and its continuation starts with the family. This should not be neglected, nor should we assume that everything will be all right, or someone else will take care of this and I do not need to be concerned about my children. We need to recognize how our actions can make a difference in our own sphere of influence, starting with our family. That is why a strong Hindu family can set the stage for strong Hindu youth, which, along with the continued spiritual development of everyone, is the purpose of Vedic culture.

Modi: The Soul Of Vedic Politics

Dr. Babu Suseelan

Within three Months, we will have Sri Narendra MODI as the New Prime Minister of India. This election is very critical for Indians and a turning point for India’s future. This is our chance to take back our country.

Indians are not free. Our freedom and symphony to be complete we have to have a new movement.  All nationalist Indians must Join together to tear down economic shackles created by the congress government of Sonia Maino. Foreign Enemy Governments in cohorts with corrupt politicians of India have become increasingly concerned with emerging Indian nationalism and nationalist challenging foreign western government’s hegemony.

MODI’S role in this election has been to promote the welfare of those in India, the poor, sick, and those in need of assistance.

Competition among political groups are in any Indian election is a time when political groups distort our country’s legacy. With MODI, we can tear down barriers created by our enemies.


For thousands of years our nation was ruled by Invading Mussulman and British Christian colonialists and citizen were discriminated, oppressed   by hostile and aggressive Muslims and European Christian Colonialists.  Then after Islamists were crushed, European Christians were invaded our country, colonized us, tinkered with our education, our sacred culture was adulterated, our wealth was looted, forcefully converted our people, made them zombies and coolies.

In 1947, our country was divided between Muslims and Hindus. We have retained an Islamists and atheist as the Prime Minister of India. Instead of empowering Hindus, the Congress Prime Minster, imposed by the anti-Indian British Christians, introduced appeasement polices favoring Jihadis and converted Christians.  By making our enemies prosperity and peace their prime priority, caring for the well-being of our enemies –loving our enemies –is the only way the congress party can dismantle our country, destroy our culture and establishing  a dynasty rule. The congress party introduced liberalism, socialism, godless communism, mindless secularism, encouraged jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, and introduced failed policies of the leftists and Islamists.

It is time for the majority Hindus to replace the dynasty rule, jihadi terrorism, deceptive-and dangerous conversion, western consumerism, and godless communism.

All Indian citizens from Kathmandu to Kanyakumari might move out of our various camps and enter in to a fresh dialogue with one another with the new path ahead.  Again, the best way to common ground is the path to higher ground. Only a heightened level of our Vedic moral discourse in the public debate is the solution which will bring us together.

The cultureless, Godless, corrupt Congress party headed by the Italian Sonia Maine simply be replaced by the moral values of Santana Dharma. We have seen enough of dangerous promises of the congress party leaders and the state wide corrupt politicians. Indeed, because of the demonstrated human capacity of the crooked and corrupt politicians in India to do terrible evil. Our moral values, ethics, must be the touchstone of India’s political life.


MODI has the vision and Mission. What is MODI’s vision?  Virtue is his fuel of his vision. Integrity, Fairness, and Justice are the measure of his programs. Indian citizens will feel life and hope with his grand schemes. MODI will give practical solutions that many problems we face.

Our Land, India is filled with gold, diamonds and precious metals. And there is no end to our treasures. Our land is protected by Himalayas and three seas; our country has been an agricultural land. Our forests are filled with beautiful, strong trees, animals and rare birds. The land is filled with temples and treasures.

Unfortunately, our tolerance of intolerant people and meaningless practice that all people are to be respected and our foolish philosophy that there is no distinction between goodness and evil are causing us sufferings. All religions are the same led to our weakness social injustice, violence, spiritual degradation, and our oppression and discrimination by Muslims and British Christians.

Instead of fighting against our enemies, the majority turns on one another and they fight one neighbor against another neighbor. Encouraged by our Corrupt and anti-National politicians, our enemies have brainwashed us, interfered in our politics, defense, intelligence and created our life in crisis and more difficult.


Could that escalation  of Jihadi terrorism, Islamic violence, Crime, rape, substance abuse, alcoholism, media’s foreign interference, Maoist violence, communism, and the mayhem created by Tamil tigers, coercive religious conversion, separatism created by foreign powers  and cultural and political bankruptcy augmented by the corrupt politicians, and spiritual malignancy and the urgent need for redirection? The crisis and calamity that has overtaken our society might, indeed, the clarion call   that rouses every citizen form the political slumber imposed on us by the congress party and their foreign cohorts. The calamity created by the dynasty and its leader, the uneducated, the Italian born Sonia Maino has gripped the nation with fear. That BJP and MODI could be impetus for going deeper than before in trying to diagnose and solve India’s so many manmade crisis and calamities. This is a crisis of spirit. A cruel and endemic injustice, a soul killing western materialism, a life-destroying drug-traffic, demographic explosion of hostile elements, breakdown of our Sanskrit education, family life, border disorder, and structure, and an almost total collapse of our moral values have combined to create climate of violence and crisis throughout the nation, and corruption and coldness of heart by the Vatican agent that make every nationalist citizen shiver

India is under siege.  Our enemy within and without made our domestic and international crisis deepened. MODI and his team can sense the danger and find an opportunity for India to be great again.

When we make a political shift to BJP and MODI, our hope that change is possible begins to rise.  BJP and MODI can resolve the deeper issues, which are more structural and spiritual. The truth is that our enemies may interfere with MODI and try to recompose old material values, reintroduce discarded culture and paradigms to crate cognitive confusion.

AND MODI is aware of the crisis of confidence our enemies are trying to create and will establish institutions charged reducing the risks, increase confidence and respect.

Today, jihadi terrorism, Islamic violence and crime, economic offenses continue in India and are still increasing. But this is a new time. It is a time that Islamic violence and jihadi terrorism will be resisted by all means. The failure of Islamic ideology and the appeasement policy of the anti-national Congress Party and the dysfunctional characteristic of Jihadis will be exposed by Indian public.


With the assistance of the majority, it is imperative that anti-Hindu and ant-Indian citizens of India must learn new moral values and VEDIC social conscience.

When real, nationalist Indians become accustomed to their new voting power, and start moving away from the anti-national, and criminal politicians may think that after the election of 2014, they may need a balanced vision, and VEDIC ethics, and a bold and broad form of Hindu virtue. It means having some humility and listening to Indian citizens. That is why it is so important for eligible citizens to participate in this election and make MODI as the next Prime MINISTER of INDIA.


Rishi Bagree
Army soldiers caught this alleged militant in Kashmir who was trying to escape using woman’s Burka pic.twitter.com/7yTTK5VAPs

Rishi Bagree
Army soldiers caught this alleged militant in Kashmir who was trying to escape using woman’s Burka pic.twitter.com/7yTTK5VAPs

From: Dinesh Agrawal < >

Date: July 17, 2015 at 4:25:58 AM EDT

Subject: Must read: What India was, and what is it now?

चैटिगँ छोडकर इस पोस्ट को जरूर पढेँ वर्ना सारी जिन्दगी चैट ही करते रह जाओग…

1378 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना – नाम है इरान.

1761 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना – नाम है अफगानिस्तान.

1947 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना – नाम है पाकिस्तान.

1971 मेँ भारत से एक हिस्सा अलग हुआ, इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना – नाम हैँ बांग्लादेश.

1952 से 1990 के बीच भारत का एक राज्य इस्लामिक हो गया – नाम है कशमीर…

और अब उत्तरप्रदेश, आसाम और केरला इस्लामिक राज्य बनने की कगार पर है !

और हम जब भी हिँदुओँ को जगाने की बात करते हैँ, सच्चाई बताते हैँ तो कुछ लोग हमेँ RSS, VHP और SHIV-SENA, BJP वाला कहकर पल्ला झाङ लेते हैँ !

वन्दे मातरम

हाल की दो महत्वपूर्ण घटनाओ को देश ने जरूर देखा होगा —

(1) उपराष्ट्रपति हमीद अंसारी ने अपने धर्म के महत्व को समझते हुए दशहरा उत्सव के दौरान आरती उतारने से मना कर दिया क्योकि इस्लाम मे ये करना “मना” है ।

(2) टी॰वी॰ सीरियल बिग बॉस की एक प्रतियोगी गौहर खान ने दुर्गा पुजा करने से मना कर दिया और वो दूर खड़ी रहकर देखती रही, जबकि ये एक कार्य था जिसे करना सभी प्रतियोगी के लिए जरूरी था लेकिन गौहर खान ने इस कार्य को करने से साफ मना कर दिया क्योकि इस्लाम मे ये करना “मना” है ।

मित्रो इन दोनों ( हमीद अंसारी व गौहर खान ) को मेरा साधुवाद क्योकि दोनों ने किसी कीमत पर भी अपने धर्म से समझौता नहीं किया, चाहे इसके लिए कितनी बड़ी कीमत भी क्यो न चुकनी पड़े ।

ये घटना उन तथाकथित “सेकुलर” हिन्दुओ के मुह पर जोरदार तमाचा है जो कहते फिरते है की कभी “टोपी” भी पहननी पड़ती है तो कभी “तिलक” भी लगाना पड़ता है…

इस घटना मे मीडिया का मौन रहना सबसे ज्यादा अचरज का विषय है क्योकि सबसे ज्यादा हाय तौबा यही मीडिया वाले मचाते रहे है जब नरेंद्र मोदी जी ने मुल्ला टोपी पहनने से इनकार कर दिया था ।

उदाहरण लेना है तो मुस्लिम समुदाय के लोगो से सीखो जो अपने धर्म के लिए बड़ी से बड़ी कीमत चुकाने को तैयार रहते है, पर अपने सिद्धांतों से कभी समझौता नहीं कर सकते ।

वही हमारे हिन्दू लोग “कायरता” का दूसरा रूप “सेकुलर” होने का झूठा दिखावा करने से बाज नहीं आते । इस को गौर से एक बार पढ़ लो…

अमल करो मत करो आप लोगो की मर्जी…

मैंने 10 लोगो को जो की हिन्दू है उनसे पुछा… किस जाती के हो…?

सभी ने अलग अलग जवाब दिया…

किसी ने कहा राजपूत

किसी ने कहा बामण

किसी ने कहा जाट

किसी ने जैन

तो किसी ने अग्रवाल…

सब अलग अलग ।

लेकीन मैने 10 मुसलमानो को पूछा की कौन सी जाती के हो ? सभी का एक जवाब आया, “मुसलमान” । मूझे अजीब लगा मैने फिर से पूछा फिर वही जवाब आया, “मुसलमान” ।

तब मुझे बड़ा अफसोस हुआ और लगा हम कीतने अलग, और वो कितने एक…

कुछ समझ मै आया हो तो आगे से कोई पूछे तो एक ही जवाब आना चाहीये

🚩॥ हिन्दू ॥🚩

और गर्व करते हो “हिन्दू” होने का तो इस मैसेज को इतना फैला दो यह मैसेज मूझे वापस किसी हिन्दू से ही मिले…!

पाकिस्तान सुप्रीम कोर्ट में एक मुस्लिम भाई ने जनहित याचिका डाली थी कि पडोसी मुल्क में हज करने के लिए सब्सिडी मिलती है तो हमें भी मिलनी चाहिए. पाकिस्तान कोर्ट ने जनहित याचिका रिजेक्ट करते हुये कहा कि कुरान और हदीसे के हिसाब से हज पसीने की कमाई से करना पड़ता है ! दूसरों की कमाई से नहीं ! सब्सिडी इस्लाम के खिलाफ है !

पाकिस्तान सुप्रीम कोर्ट के हिसाब से भारतीय मुसलमानों को मिल रही सब्सिडी हराम है क्या नेता इस पर कुछ टिप्पणी देंगे ?

अजीब कानून है भैया, गाय का चारा खाया तो जेल भेज दिया, और जो गाय को खा रहा है उसको हज के लिए भेजते हो…

ये जो नीचे लिखा है वो कोई मज़ाक नहीं है…

कल ये आपके सहर में भी हो सकता है…

अगर ये अमेरिका, जापान या फिर चाइना में हुवा होता तो इन शांति प्रिय मजहब वालों को काट कर गटर में फेंक देते…

कुछ दिन पहले NDTV के रवीश कुमार ने…

RSS के सिन्हा सर से तल्ख़ मुद्रा में पूछा था कि अगर देश में मुस्लिम ज्यादा हो जायेंगें तो कौन सा पहाड़ टूट पड़ेगा???

इसका एक प्रायोगिक उत्तर कल के एक वाकये ने दिया मुस्लिम बाहुल्य “काश्मीर विश्वविद्यालय” में एक फिल्म “हैदर” की शूटिंग चल रही थी उसके एक दृश्य के फिल्मांकन के लिए तिरंगा झंडा लगाया गया और कलाकारों को जय हिंद बोलना पड़ा |

इतना होना था कि विश्वविद्यालय के छात्र उस यूनिट पर टूट पड़े. फिल्म का सेट तोड़ दिया गया | काफी जद्दोजहद के बाद फिल्म के कलाकारों को बाहर निकाला जा सका |

तिरंगे से उनकी नफरत और जय हिंद पर आपत्ति इस सबका कारण थी |

पुलिस ने कुछ लोगों को गिरफ्तार किया, लेकिन कालेज प्रशासन के कहने पर छोड़ दिया गया |

ध्यान रहे, वो अनपढ़ लोग नहीं विश्वविद्यालय के छात्र थे !

हाथ जोड़ के विनंती है इसे शेयर करें. ये कोई छोटी खबर नहीं है ये हमारे देश की सम्मान की बात है…

एक सुन्दर संवाद : एक बार ज़रूर पढ़ेँ बी एस सी का छात्र…

कॉलेज का पहला दिन… (गले में बड़े बड़े रुद्राक्ष की माला)


प्रोफेसर : बड़े पंडित दिखाई देते हो, लेकिन कॉलेज में पढाई लिखाई पर ध्यान दो, पूजा पाठ घर में ही ठीक है !! (क्लास के सभी बच्चे ठहाका लगाते है )


छात्र (विनम्रता से) : सर आप मेरे गुरु है और सम्माननीय भी इसलिए आपकी आज्ञा से ही कुछ कहना चाहूँगा |


शिक्षक कहते है : बोलो…


छात्र : सर ऐसे छोटे कॉलेज छोडिये, जब आई आई टी और मेडिकल कॉलेज तक में एक मुस्लिम छात्र दाढ़िया बढाकर या टोपी चढाकर जाते है, और कितनी भी बड़ी लेक्चर हो क्लास छोड़कर namaz के लिए बाहर निकल जाते है, तो शिक्षक को वो धर्मनिष्ठता लगता है. जब क्रिस्चन छात्र गले में बड़े क्रौस लटकाकर घूमते है तो वो धर्मनिष्ठता है और ये उनके मजहब की बात हु,ई और आज आपके सामने इसी क्लास में कितने ही लड़कियों ने बुर्खा पहना है और कितने ही बच्चो ने जालि-टोपी चढा रखा है, तो आपने उन्हें कुछ नहीं कहा. तो आखिर मेरी गलती क्या है ???

क्या बस इतना की मै एक हिंदू हूँ ???

शिक्षक क्लास छोड़कर बाहर चला गया…

आँखो से पर्दा हटाओ दोस्तो, और मशाल जलाओ ।

ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर करो मित्रो और ये पोस्ट पूरी whats app पर फैलानी है ।

जय हिन्द…!!!

1 मिनट चैटिगँ छोडकर इस पोस्ट को जरूर पढेँ .

भारत में मुसलमान कौन है

मैसेज का आखिरी हिस्सा ज़रूर पढें तभी पूरा मतलब समझ आयेगा .

😡🚩धर्म के नाम पर भारत के टुकड़े किये जिसने – वों जिन्नाह मुसलमान था |

😡🚩करोडो हिंदुओ का खून बहाया जिसने – वों हर सुल्तान मुसलमान था ||

😡🚩हिंदुओ से जबरन इस्लाम कबुल करवाया जिसने – वों अरब मुसलमान था |

😡🚩राम मंदिर तोड़कर मस्जिद बनायीं जिसने – वों बाबर मुसलमान था ||

😡🚩गुरु तेग बहादुर का सर कलम किया जिसने- वों औरंगजेब मुसलमान था |

😡🚩कश्मीर में पंडितो का नरसंहार किया जिसने – वों हर आतंकी मुसलमान था ||

😡🚩मुंबई में बम धमाके करवाए जिसने – वों दाउद मुसलमान था |

😡🚩भारत में घुसे 5 करोड जाहिलो में – हर बांग्लादेशी मुसलमान था ||

😡🚩बुद्ध महावीर कि मुर्तिया तोड़ी जिसने – वों हर दंगाई मुसलमान था |

😡🚩भारत के संसद पर हमला किया जिसने- वों अफजल मुसलमान था ||

😡🚩गोधरा में कारसेवको कों जिन्दा जलाया जिसने – वों हर जेहादी मुसलमान था |

😡🚩पाकिस्तान, असम से हिंदुओ को खदेड़ा जिसने – वों हर शख्स मुसलमान था ||

😡🚩26/11 कों हिंदुओ कों गोलियों से भुना जिसने – वों कसाब मुसलमान था |

😡🚩अमरनाथ यात्रा पर पाबंदी कि मांग कि है जिसने – वों गिलानी मुसलमान था ||

😡🚩अमरनाथ यात्रियों पे जजिया लगाया है जिसने – वों मंत्री मुसलमान था |

😡🚩100 करोड हिंदुओ कों काटने कि कसम खायी है जिसने – वों ओवैसी भी मुसलमान हे ||

इसमें आगे की पंक्तिया …………………..


👹जो गाय काट के खाता हैं – वो हर शख्स मुस्लमान हैं |

👹वो वन्देमातरम नहीं गाता – वो हर शक्श मुस्लमान हैं ||

👹कश्मीर में भारत मुर्दाबाद बोलता हैं – वो शक्श मुस्लमान हैं |

👹हैदराबाद में तिरंगा जलाने वाला – हर शक्श मुस्लमान हैं ||

👹जो लव जिहाद करता हैं – वो हर शक्श मुस्लमान हैं |

👹जो देश बर्बाद करने की सोचने वाली – कांग्रेस सरकार का हर हाथ मुसलमान है!!!!

👹जो यह मॅसेज फाॅर्वड नही करता – वो हर शक्श मुसलमान हो ।

👹मुसलमानो को करारा जवाब है . हर हिन्दु को शेयर करना चाहिये!!!

😡🚩😠🚩😡आज पता चलेगा कितने हिन्दु एक हो गये है!!!!

🇮🇳🚩vande mantar

जागो…हिन्दु…..जागो….. इस मेसेज को पढ़ने से पहले ध्यान दे ।इस मेसेज में शनिदेव की कसम दी हुए है।

मुझे कसम है भगवान शनिदेव की मैं ये मेसेज कम से कम दस लोगो को भेजूंगा।

Lone Christian ICHR Member Calls for Ban on Conversions

G Sreedathan

11 July 2015

New Delhi

The lone Christian member in the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) under the Human Resources Development ministry and noted historian, C I Issac, has put up a passionate defense of the Sangh Parivar’s ghar wapsi (home coming) program and called for a ban on conversions.

A retired History professor and author of over 10 books, including Evolution of Christian Church in India, Issac is now vice-president of Kerala-based right-wing think-tank Bharateeya Vichara Kendram.

“Ghar wapsi is not religious conversion. It is a measure of opening doors for those who left earlier from poorva dharma due to historical reasons. Article 25 of the Constitution is not a provision for a one-way traffic or of a non-return valve. In no way with this Article, the founding fathers of our Constitution thought of any sort of conversion. Their intention was the healthy coexistence of all cultures and religious groups. Conversion by brainwashing, coercion, allurement, incentives, etc. is cruel in cultural terms,” said Issac.

According to him, ghar wapsi is a legitimate right of the Hindus.

This movement began not only after May 26, 2014.  “Its origin in Kerala goes back to British period that is 1921. It started systematically as the shuddhi movement in the 19th century CE by Arya Samaj leader, Swami Dayananda Saraswti.”

Calling for capital punishment for indulging in conversions, he said,  “The conversion is a criminal offence against humanity.  The death of a religion means the total vanishing or death of a culture, civilization and knowledge system which generated by a religion through generations… We lost the Greeks, Mayans, Persians, Romans, etc. like classical societies legacies. We missed Bamian rocks of Afghanistan. Nobody can retrieve the lost knowledge. They have a substantial, objective, and observationally demonstrated information framework, obtained through generations. We, as an enlightened society, are bound to secure all societies and their commitments appropriately,” he added.

When his attention was drawn to Delhi Archbishop Anil Couto’s statement in an interview to Business Standard that he has a problem with the word ghar wapsi and not conversion, he said, “Behind this answer a fraudulent design is hidden. Ghar wapsi means return to poorva dharma. In it there is nothing as wrong. On the other hand, if it is conversion they can level charges against the Hindu society in international forms that Hindus are forcibly converting Christians to Hinduism, Hindus are fundamentalists, etc. Now they can’t raise such allegations. Above all in Hinduism there is no provision of conversion to Hinduism. Prima-facie, one may feel it is an innocent and genuine demand. But in fact it is cunning and putting Hindus in doldrums.”

Claiming him to be a practicing Christian, he said, “The Church has good relations with me. When I was nominated to ICHR, the bishop arranged a meeting to congratulate me. I believe in Christ but I don’t believe Christ as the only way.”

On Delhi church attacks, he said, “Martyrs and saints are fuels for the gigantic engines of the Church (like jihadis for Islam) without which it cannot sustain. The nature and character of the Delhi Church attack is doubtful. All the churches subjected attacks were suffered with minor damages. After the Delhi election they never pressed for the arrest of the persons behind attack or further investigations. It can be considered as a self-goal strategy.”

Although a St Thomas Christian himself, Issac disputed the claim that St Thomas landed in Kerala and converted Namboodiri Brahmins. “They are targeting higher jatis. They realized that without converting Brahmins they can’t bust the very foundation of Hinduism. In this line they deputed Robert Nobili, an Italian padre, to Madurai in 17th century CE and he studied Sanskrit and wrote Jesus Veda, [Yesu Veda] and lived in sanyasin attire in order to convert high class Hindus and miserably failed. Madras Bishop Arulappa bribed Ganesh Iyer and converted him as John Iyer and deputed him for manipulations and attempted to highjack ancient Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.”

[ COMMENT : For more on Rev. De Nobili et al , please read :



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