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Why Is the VP of the Partitioned India a Muslim?
Kindly note that the post of Vice President ought not to go to a MOHAMMEDAN. Here is the reason:
Before India was mutilated in order to take out a pure ISLAMIC Pakistan our Congress leaders submitted many pleas and requests of compromises in order to PREVENT the “murder” of Akhand Bharat.
One of these subservient proposals was Gandhi’s suggestion to Mr Jinnah, “Brother, to satisfy you, the post of President will alternate between you and NEHRU, and also the post of Vice President will go to a “Mohammed” if the President happens to be an Infidel in your eyes.”
But the hot headed bigoted Muslim barrister refused Gandhi’s appeasing pleas point blank, and captured one third of India to create his Pakistan.
Our stalwarts, Gandhi and Nehru, did not have guts to say to Jinnah, “If you want Pakistan then (a) ALL MUSLIMS WILL BE “FORCED OUT” TO PAKISTAN; and failing that (b) “In Pakistan if the President is a Muslim then the Vice President must be a Hindu in view of tens of millions of Hindus living there!”
But Jinnah replied in the same stern and arrogant tone, “NO! We shall have Muslims in BOTH high posts in our Pakistan (East and West) while YOU in your Hindu Bharat will have a Muslim, either as President or as Vice President.”
Our top leaders, representing the MAJORITY community, sheepishly agreed. Since then we have had MOHAMMEDANS as Presidents and Vice Presidents, while in Pakistan such brotherly gestures are out of question.
Therefore, today a Muslim, Mr Mohammad Hamid Ansari, is Partitioned India’s (Bharat’s) Vice President due to Hindu national collapse and due to lack of our collective guts and courage. It is wrong.
If the Muslims stabbed us in the back, we need not lift one above our heads!
Nations live by HONOUR.
This VP post, under a Muslim, was acceptable to Gandhi who declared, “Hindus are cowards!” but it is not so in the proud and self-confident Hindu nation under Shri Modi today in 2015.  Today’s Hindus are still searching for a single condition imposed on Jinnah for the surrender of one third of Akhand Bharat in 1947, and they cannot find it.
PS:  A new Constitution for our proud and sovereign Hindusthan is of utmost necessity. It will remove the traces of appeasement, slavery, fears and compromises on the part of the majority community.

From: Rajan Gopalan

Not many of us were aware! Jai Hind!!

                   Story of swords and steel
Brishti Guha

An engraving of Saladin by Gustave Doré

In the 5th century BC, Herodotus, the Greek
historian whom posterity knows as the “father of history”, wrote about
Indian iron. The iron that Herodotus wrote about tipped the arrows
that Indian soldiers used against intruders. Archaeologists estimate
that iron was in use in ancient India (in the eastern Vindhyas and the
central Gangetic plain) from as early as 1800 BC. By the Gupta era,
wrought iron production was advanced enough to create the famous Iron
Pillar of Delhi – a pillar known not only for its exquisite
workmanship but also for its ability to resist corrosion in nearly two
millennia of constant exposure to the elements.

Likewise, ancient Indian steel, too, was prized very
highly. According to American historian, Will Durant, King Porus is
said to have selected 30 pounds of steel (instead of gold or silver)
as gift for Alexander. Indian steel – also called ‘crucible steel’ or
‘wootz steel’ – was in great demand as the material with which
legendary swords were forged. Foreign geographers of the 11th and 12th
centuries, such as the Moroccan geographer, Ash-Sharif al-Idrisi, and
the Venetian geographer, Giovanni Ramusio, were all praise for Indian
swords. Al-Idrisi described how “Hindoos excel in the manufacture of
iron, and in the preparation of those ingredients along with which it
is fused to obtain that kind of malleable iron, usually styled Indian
steel.” He also mentioned how their workshops produced “the most
famous sabres in the world”. Indian steel, particularly Indian swords,
came to be known in Arabic as “Hundwániy”.

What made Indian swords so special? These swords
could bend at a 90 degree angle and immediately spring back to their
former positions, yet their blades would be sharp enough to slice a
falling bolt of silk and cut it in half. An icing on the cake was the
fact that these were swords of spectacular beauty. Under the surface,
wavy patterns crisscrossed in a unique design reminiscent of damask.
According to anthropologist and archaeo-metallurgist Ann Feuerbach,
Indian steel was originally shipped in the form of ingots to the
Middle East and Syria; because of the Syrian connection, the swords
made with this steel were also known as Damascus swords, whose
properties derived from the special way in which the steel had been

The Middle East traditionally served as a conduit
between the East and the West, transmitting Indian work on mathematics
to Europe, for example. But it decided to keep its familiarity with
Indian swords to itself. The discretion fetched it a spectacular
reward: hordes of invading European crusaders were roundly defeated by
Saladin and his troops using these swords. The swords could cleave
through a European helmet in a single stroke and suffer no damage. The
invading armies were baffled by their encounter with the sharpest,
strongest and yet most flexible swords and scimitars they had ever

After the Crusades, these “Hundwániy” swords were
introduced to Spain and Italy as “Ondanique”, according to the most
famous traveller of all, Marco Polo. Ramusio mentioned how a man who
possessed a sword, or a mirror, made of ondanique, would regard it as
a “precious jewel” because of its “surpassing value and excellence”.

Indian steel-makers carefully guarded their
metallurgical secrets. Westerners knew that to be able to make such
swords themselves, they needed to know how to produce steel with the
special qualities intrinsic to Indian steel. From the 17th to the 19th
centuries, a number of Westerners tried to replicate the special
properties – the strength, sharpness, and superplasticity – of Indian
steel, but to no avail. These included Michael Faraday, better known
for his contributions to electricity and magnetism and the discovery
of benzene. He spent many years performing a series of experiments,
adding alloys to iron in a fruitless attempt to replicate the
structure and characteristics of Indian steel.

It was not till 2006 that scientists got a closer
glimpse into the secrets of Indian steel. Crystallographer Peter
Paufler and his team of researchers had access to some swords made
with this steel. Using an electron microscope, and dipping the blades
of the swords in hydrochloric acid, the team discovered that the
underlying structure of the steel contained carbon nanotubes. Carbon
nanotubes – for whose discovery three scientists got the Nobel Prize
in 1996 – have a cylindrical structure with one-atom thick walls, are
associated with remarkable degrees of thermal and electrical
conductivity, and are used in a number of applications at the
forefront of the still emerging field of nanotechnology, including
bone tissue engineering, improving the tensile strength of fabrics and
sports materials, and microscope probes. These nanotubes encased
“nanowires” made of another hard material, cementite. According to the
scientists, who published the results of their study in Nature, this
combination of nanotubes and nanowires in the underlying structure of
the steel used to make the swords was responsible for the swords’
hardness, sharpness and flexibility.

The discovery of nanotubes in Indian swords may
finally have provided scientists with a clue to their secret. Indian
steel, which was manufactured in crucibles where iron was heated with
burning leaves and wood, was heated to temperatures just high enough
to preserve the impurities in the iron (such as vanadium) which then
bonded with the carbon in the plant matter to form nanotubes. Paufler
and his team hypothesize that these tubes could then have been filled
with cementite, which would produce nanowires, accounting for the
wiry, wave-like pattern on the swords. The alternation of hard
cementite with softer steel in between could explain the strength and
the flexibility of the swords, while the resistance of carbon
nanotubes to acid had a role in the blades’ legendary sharpness.
Though scientists must use inference to guess the exact process by
which Indian steel-makers and sword-smiths arrived at their results,
this was not a one-off accident, but a technique which was replicated
faultlessly by the steel-smiths over hundreds of years.

Ancient Indian metallurgists were thus the
inadvertent pioneers of modern nanotube research, forging swords that
fired the imagination of warriors and scientists all over the world
for centuries. How were these remarkable skills lost to the world? In
an unfortunate twist, the skill of making these sabres and swords died
out in British India. According to Sir Richard Francis Burton and
David Arnold, this was largely a matter of conscious policy; our
British rulers realized the importance of iron and steel-making skills
in the success of rebellions, particularly after the mutiny of 1857.
They then instituted a series of measures, such as the Arms Act of
1878, to limit Indians’ access to firearms while destroying the
existing Damascene swords they could find. Mines were forcibly closed,
particularly in mineral-rich regions like Rajasthan. Even the caste of
miners became extinct and with it, their trade secrets. As the British
eliminated the military might of princely states, they also eroded
their capacity to mine and work metals. The constant vulnerability of
the subcontinent to a series of foreign invaders may partly explain
why much of the indigenous knowledge died out by the modern era

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‘Goa Inquisition was most merciless and cruel’ —–

Inquisition Goa – Dighton Rock Museum


Perhaps because of its Catholic fervor, the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa, became the most severe and cruel of all the Portuguese territories. The inquisitors in

Perhaps because of its Catholic fervor, the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa, became the most severe and cruel of all the Portuguese territories. The inquisitors in Goa ———————————-

Three kinds of torture  and many more  cruel methods  practiced in India and some kind of similar kind of cruel methods all over the world were practiced by Christians : ——-

1) the rope or the pulley  method ,

2) water  method

3) fire method .


  1. The torture by rope: the rope or the pulley method, consisted of the arms being tied backwards and then raised by a pulley, leaving the victim hanging for some time, and then let the victim drop down to half a foot above the floor, then raised again. These continued up-and-down movement dislocated the joints and made the prisoner emit horrible cries of pain. This torture went on for an hour till the victim accept Christianity or die.
  1. The torture by water was as follows: the victim was made to lie across an iron bar, and was forced to imbibe water without stopping. The iron bar broke the vertebrae and caused horrible pains, whereas the water treatment provoked vomits and asphyxia for an hour till the victim accept Christianity or die .
  1. The torture by fire was definitely the worst: the victim was hung above a fire, which warmed the soles of the feet, and the jailers rubbed bacon and other combustible materials on the feet. The feet were burned until the victim confessed.

These last two tortures lasted for about an hour till the victim accept Christianity or die.  The house of torments was a subterranean grotto, so that other might not hear the cries of the wretched. Many a time, the victims died under torture; their bodies were interred within the compound, and the bones were exhumed for the “auto da fe”, and burnt in public.

The ancestors of today’s Christians were made Christians by torturing —–

Hitler who was responsible for JEW’S HOLOCAUST was a stanch Catholic Christian —–

Hindu holocaust which was done by Muslims and by Christians is much greater than Jews holocaust ——-

Hindus’ holocausts are still happening in all Islamic countries ——–

From:  Dr. K. R. Venkataramaiah

The present Conditions in India

The real culprits responsible for Partition of Bharat have yet to be exposed.  Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad’s book – India Wins Freedom– from Orient Longman Book-Institute, partly exposes some Congress politicians including Muhammad Ali Jinnah of Muslim League, responsible for this heinous act . The boundaries drawn between partitioned land was done in a hurry and must redrawn to allow India not to be in a strategically weak position.

Maulana Azad’ s  book published in India but printed in Pakistan after Nehru’s passing away, describes the role played by Nehru ji, which resulted in Partition of India.

Hope, the current BJP Govt. will make sufficient efforts to bring out the actual facts for partitioning India.

Most unacceptable conditions in India now are due to exploded population and still escalating population.  Traffic jams in Cities, particularly Bangalore, in Tier II and III towns are making roads, foot paths as parking lots.  Foot paths, are worst in the world, not even as comparable as to those in South Africa.

Accumulating garbage, men pissing on road sides, people spitting any where & everywhere are causing health problems.

Abuse and misuse of power by the elected fellows, VIPs and VVIPs have made the common men as third rate citizens.  Elected fellows are interfering with the work of Executive body officers –I.A.S. & I.P.S. …-is root cause of corruption reaching untold levels.  Canada has similar Parliamentary System.  I never seen or heard the elected representatives interfering with the officers of the state.  Mayor David Millar of the City of Toronto used ride in the same subway car with me.   No security staff around him.

The elected fellows in India have and are amassing wealth beyond their accountable earnings.  Even BJP Govt. has kept quiet on this subject.

BJP has not said a word on population explosion, why ?  The natural resources are very limited.  You do not need to be an expert to assess the up-coming dangers.

50 % of children in Delhi have lung disease.   36 % of children in Bangalore.  Lakes in Bangalore are producing FIRE and TOXIC FOAM.  Never heard such environmental disasters.  Since 1947, why no sewage treatment plants are not built?  Where has the revenue collected from taxpayers has gone?

BJP talks about SMART CITIES- first they should make these cities livable.  It is so risky for senior citizens, children and pregnant women to go out to perform their daily chores.   Two-wheelers are all around you, even driven by children.  No traffic laws are followed.  They have not heard “ Rules of the Road “.  No stopping at the intersection of streets, no signs, no speed limits.  No LAW& ORDER.  Total chaos.  But no problem for VIPs, & VVIPs.  They have chauffeur driven cars at tax payers cost.

The Bangalore Corporation employees hardly put in reasonable hours of work,  and are destroying Bangalore by issuing hundreds of thousands of fake certificates allowing construction of buildings violating their own Zoning by-laws.  People are flooding in to Bangalore from all over India & abroad.  Crime rate has gone through the roof including by Nigerian Nationals over staying.

Of course, Bangladeshis and Muslims are getting special treatment because of “ VOTE BANK” policies.  Hospitals are overcrowded by Muslim Women & children.  If actual statistics are published, it will be seen that muslims participate in more crimes disproportionate to their total numbers.

How, by any means, 10 to 180 million Muslims –almost 6 times that of Canada, could be called MINORIES?  It is absurd.

How come almost 30 million Christians could called minorities.  Both these communities are well organized and well represented at all levels of Govt.

The Constitution must be reviewed and modified to control population, number of vehicles that people can own, number of wives men can have, making provision for interlinking rivers, letting Rajya Sabha members be directly elected by people, abolishing State Legislative Councils, allowing Chief Justices of State High Courts to also perform duties of Governors, disbanding Reservation system, limiting two terms for elected fellows, CMs, PM, permitting a specified strength of Armed Forces and Police personal, limiting the geographical size of States and so on.

Let us pray GOD to save BHARAT.

(Just praying will not help. God is not our servant.  The Hindus need to make Bharat a Vedic State by united grass root action. – Skanda987)

Thank you.


  1. R.
From: Mohan Natarajan < >
3145 Gilbert Ave., Roseburg, OR 97471 (USA)
Roseburg, OR (USA)                                                                                                    Jun
e 20, 2015
The Modi regime of India must declare in unambiguous words to the world and Pakistan that J&K State is an integral part of the Republic of India and undertake its immediate reorganization for providing the local ethnic minorities their own autonomous regions administered directly under the Constitution of India, said DIVERSITY-USA in a policy statement here today. The American organization dealing with minority issues was endorsing the demand for a HOMELAND of the expelled Kashmiri minorities through PANUN KASHMIR on the occasion of the United Nations World Refugee Day.  The D-USA further denounced the violent Jihad and crusade for Islamization by local Sunnis openly supported by Pakistan which led to the expulsion of Kashmiri minorities more than a quarter of a century ago. Neither the Indian authorities nor the UN or the international community took necessary action against this ethnic cleansing and genocide within the frontiers of free India.
            The Indian and J&K authorities for the reasons of political expediency and what is known as “vote bank politics” did not establish even an enquiry commission for investigating the root causes of this human tragedy nor did they set up a judicial tribunal for prosecuting and punishing the perpetrators of mass murders of minorities who till this date are roaming free, the statement said.
a)         In our opinion Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which afforded a special status to J&K State, has become redundant.  Maintaining   the ethnic ratio of Kashmir’s population was one of the essential conditions of this Article. By expelling the minority the ethnic balance of the state was radically altered therefore, this violated clause of the Indian Constitution has become inoperative and lacks constitutional viability. The selective use of this Article by the Sunni regimes has already uprooted and disintegrated the ethnic minorities.  Consequently the composition of the populations of PoK, where the Muslim regimes of Pakistan had wiped out all minorities, and the Kashmir Valley have become almost similarThis clause, which in any case is stated as temporary , must be abrogated, the policy statement said.
b)         Almost all of the major countries of the world when in the business of nation building and promoting national security, have engaged in transfer and/or relocation of populations from troubled areas so their national interests were protected and promoted.  This includes USA, UK, Russia, China and many other countries. Since the Sunni segment of the Kashmir Valley’s population has proved to be highly vulnerable to foreign, Jihadi and communal influences leading to continuous turbulence and upheavals in the region, India should give serious consideration to the idea of shipping Sunnis to other parts of India for restoring peace and tranquility in the Valley. This will also save the Sunnis from being exploited by the mischief makers and mortal enemies of India, Diversity-USA statement said.
c)         During the internal agitations encouraged by foreign agents, the Sunnis by hundreds of thousands demonstrated throughout the valley not only raising slogans like “Indian Dogs Go home” but also purposely and voluntarily  declaring  that “We are Pakistanis” with Pak-flags and banners in their hands.  The demonstrations, bandhs and protests of this nature took place day in and day out. When a citizen of India makes a public declaration of being a Pakistani he/she loses the right to exercise rights as an Indian citizen. Disregarding this basic reality the Indian Govt. erroneously allowed the Kashmiri Sunnis to vote during the recent elections. In so doing ND seriously violated the Constitution of India by allowing the self- proclaimed Pakistanis to vote in Indian elections and elect a Pakistani Govt. under the umbrella of the Indian Constitution. How can the Indian supreme law allow erecting a Govt. by Pakistanis in India, the statement asked? Under this constitutional understanding the current Govt. of J&K has no judicial standing to exist in India. Given the fact that J&K is an integral part of India this state can only have a Govt. that is built by the votes of the Indian citizens. Obviously the present Govt. of the state has no constitutional validity and therefore, the defender of the Indian Constitution i.e., the President of India, must exercise his constitutional authority and dismiss it.
d)         It is rather ironic that for the reasons of political expediency the ruling party of India (BJP) has entered in to an alliance for Govt. building with a state party (PDP) which stands for joint control of J&K by Pakistan and India. Ever since Pakistan’s first aggression in 1947-48 against J&K and illegal occupation of nearly half of its territory every Indian regime has rightfully accused Pakistan as an “aggressor”. Now all of a sudden the people engaging in treasonous politics for demanding the joint control of J&K with the state’s aggressor have been vested with full power and control upon its govt.- thanks to the new rulers of India. What is surprising is that no logical and or politically digestible grounds, despite the tall claims of transparency, have been given to the nation for this unholy partnership. Is India witnessing the re-introduction of theNehruian method of decision making once again wherein peoples consent and public debate on national issues were considered unimportant? 
e)         While promoting the so-called Kashmiri federalism the PDP program further stands for i) open borders; ii) freedom of travel between J&K & PoK; iii) dual currency; iv) trade agreement with India-Pak asking for reduced taxes; v) power to Kashmir Govt. to impose taxes on imports from India; vi) Kashmir to have its own service cadres such as IAS,IPS,IFS, etc.; vii) Kashmir will be free to amend its constitution with no  input from India; viii) Article 370 must be strengthened and the judicial supervision by the Supreme Court of India will be eliminated; twenty legislative seats reserved for Pok will go to Pakistan.
When taken together all these objectives of PDP stand for building an infrastructure of an independent Kashmir totally away from the mother country, India. In actuality it is a road map for Kashmiri federalism with Pakistan as an equal partner. How BJP found this program attractive, which effectively erodes India’s power and sovereignty in Kashmir, nobody has been told. This coalition of the divergent forces has made the already messy Kashmir situation messier.
f)          All these conditions are central to the political agenda of PDP. However more than 40%  of the J&K population reject these demands lock,  stock and barrel. Instead they want abrogation of Article 370 and unrestricted extension of the Indian Constitution in the state. Thus the division in public opinion has resulted into an impasse and unbridgeable gap between the two sides.  And those who should have been in jail for their crimes of violating the provisions of the Indian Constitution, resolutions of the Indian Parliament and the state Assembly and the instrument of Kashmir’s accession to India have been made the new Raja’s of J&K State. This offers no hope to the ethnic minorities for justice and rehabilitation.
 Therefore, on this UN sponsored Global Refugee Day we call upon GOI, freedom loving communities and governments everywhere to firmly support the creation of a homeland with UT status for the exiled Kashmiris which is the only way to reverse their genocide and ethnic cleansing. The proposed geo-political arrangement can provide equal political empowerment to all the hitherto disenfranchised non-Sunni communities in the state.  Furthermore, such a reorganization of the state will change the status quo and put an end to the violent and aggressive policies of the Sunni politicians towards the non-Sunni ethnic communities for all times to come. More importantly it will also neutralize the militant Islam’s expansionist thrust towards the heart land of India, the statement concluded.

From: Satya D < >

Subject: World Has No Choice But to Ban Islam

There is something to be said about how Muslims defend Islam what seems to anyone so obvious.  Today Christianity, at least the non-evangelicals, discuss openly the support of Christianity to the racism, brutal slavery and colossal genocide of natives.  The fact that civil war against slavery in US was fought by Christians against Christians, even recently they acquiesced to change Columbus Day to Indigenous people day shows the continuity of soul searching.   In Hinduism, the social evils of treatment of lower castes is so well discussed and today India’s Prime Minister comes from a Backward Class.   Hindus discuss the fairness of Rama asking Sita to prove her chastity with fire while being captive under Raavana.   Religions discuss the weakness or out of place and time of the long held beliefs and are moving on.   


But Islam has never took opportunity to do so.  Wafa Sultan, who still considers herself a Muslim, considered the 100 most influential person in 2006 by Time, says, Islam is a brainwashing machine.   She talks about the 30 years of brainwashing she got in Syria about Jews that when she first came to US and met a Israeli Jew working as shopping clerk in US mall, she literally ran away from him fearing for her life.  You ask the educated Muslims, they rant about how this Zionist agenda or Western agenda are cause of the problems they are facing.   No doubt, oil economy and Western economic machine is exploiting them to the hilt, but the brutality of Islam is not a recent phenomenon, in fact it grew out of sheer brutality, when Muhammad realized all good and nice talk will not do, he has to kill, give incentives such as rape the infidel women to motivate for his expansionism agenda. He came up with all kinds of theories and revelations including sanction of deception to further his agenda.  


 You hear again and again Muslims say, ‘Peace be upon him’.  Upon whom? In today’s terms, at least in free societies, including Islamic societies, his actions such as pedophilia will invite major punishment.  


I asked about 90% of Jihadi verses (after removing repetition) in Koran, Sira and Hadith, calling to terrorize, threaten and saying infidels are same as urine, feces  being drilled day and night in little Muslim children in the name of sacred verses given by God to Prophet?  There is no answer.  


I asked them how is it that not one, not even one, Islamic country gives equal rights to non-Muslims? With what fairness Muslims demand special privileges in the countries they settle? There is no answer


  I asked them how you can brainwash a woman to wear hijab. (The answer was :) because she will arouse a man. But a Muslim man can marry four women, then what kind of Muslims citizens this will create in this day and age? There is no answer.  


Even the deception propagated in Islam is obvious to everyone. Recently, when Saudi Arabia condemned the killings of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, at the same time SA was giving 1000 lashes, years of jail punishment, to a Saudi for writing something against prophet.  The (non-Muslim) world spoke in support of the victim; why, because it did not matter whether he is a Muslim or not, but because he is another human being.


One Muslim wrote to me, if Islam are so brutal, how come they did not wipe out Hinduism?  The fact that Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Malaysia and Indonesia were once Hindus escaped his attention.  The fact that ethnic cleansing of half million Hindus in Kashmir who are living as refugees in their own country for last 25 years escaped his attention.  The fact that 25% of Hindu/Sikh population of Pakistan in 1947 now reduced to 1%, mostly in just few months where literally hordes of Muslims raped mothers and daughters, escaped his attention.   They do not even care or comprehend the millions of people affected.  The fact that more than 200,000 non-Muslims killed in nearly 30 countries just since 9/11 escaped his attention.  In fact, many Muslim organizations propagate the trash that West committed the terrorist acts and are naming Muslims as perpetrators.   Muslims simply have not come to terms the sheer brutality and depravity of this Islam religion that has killed estimated 220 million (including 80 million Hindus) since its inception.  Islam itself chronicles the mountains of heads, rivers of blood and the sexual slavery which ISIS is recreating before our own eyes.  In spite of that their biggest concern for them is 250 Muslims reconverted to Hinduism by Ghar Vapasi program recently. 


What choices does the free world have?   Is the fear of demographic changes in free nations irrational?  There is no example where Muslims percentage increased they have not imposed Islam in the name of brutal Sharia law or discriminated non-Muslims.  Malaysia declared Islamic with just 49% Muslims, and by now have destroyed literally thousands of temples and have impoverished the non-Muslims in the name of Bhoomiputra program where special rights and privileges are given to majority Muslims only.  The ethnic cleansing of countries, states and even villages, from Pakistan, Bangla Desh to Kashmir to border towns of West Bengal to a small village in Tamilnadu speaks volumes of ethnic cleansing once the Muslim population percentage increases, just in Indian subcontinent.   Give me 24 hours, said one Islamic jihadist, 200 million Muslims will slaughter 1 billion Hindus, in India and it is played on TV again and again.   Love Jihads, Rotterdam and sexual slavery of Yezidi women, this is one long continuum of Islamic brutality for last 1400 years, and these will continue to repeat if the world does not wake up.  


If we are serious about terrorism, given that Islam has not shown ability to reform itself, the world has no choice than to ban it.  Wafa Sultan was right on mark when she said, ‘the roots of terrorism is not political Islam, not radical Islam, not Jihadi Islam, it is Islam’.


From: Kumar Arun < >

Global Hindus’ Demand: Replace Indian Constitution with Hindusthan Samvidhan


Each & every country breaths, lives and grows under its constitution. When India aka Bharat acquired its freedom from British occupation in 1947, the constitution was written in hurry, under duress and by the advice of the occupants who were actually party in dividing one country into two. Second one was proudly named Pakistan ONLY for Muslims. In this process, majority Hindus, even after massacre of poor & innocent millions, could not retain the name of their country Hindusthan. The whole world knows that from foothills of Himalaya to Hindi Mahasagar, the land was for Hindus and our forefathers always identified themselves as Hindusthani. The life of the Hindus was enriched under one simple principle, and that was “world brotherhood,” which can be called Hindu Way of Life, or Vedic way of living.


Since Gandhi-Nehru-Ambedkar (Congress Party) adopted constitution on the day of independence in 1947, it is known as Indian constitution, due to which majority of Hindus have been suffering every day.  Eventually, it took 67 years for Hindus to choose a government, and now they are demanding to change, rather replace, the Indian constitution with “Hindusthani Samvidhan.”


This was a part of manifesto lead by current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Therefore, we Hindus across the world must keep demanding from Modiji to fulfill his words/promises which are as follows (some words are added or the idea expanded by a few patriots:


  1. Please bring a legislation to change the rename of the country to Hindusthan; remove India word
  2. Appoint a 21 member committee to rewrite the constitution for Hindusthan (2-3 pro-Vedic lawyers can draft amendments too, and then submit it to the committee if a committee is required
  3. Since Modiji enjoys majority in Lok-Sabha, please let him pass the new Hindusthani Constitution by year 2016 end.
  4. HindusthaniSamvidhan will be based on the Vedic philosophy and culture, and no part of sharia laws & catholicembedment, or any anti-Vedic religion or ideologyembedment
    • Marriage between man & woman only; only one spouse by law; freedom to practice any religion that is not anti-Vedic
    • No subsidiary, No reservation based upon caste, creed, ethnicity, color or race
    • To uplift poor, government approved bank loan, but “repay as you earn”, etc.
  5. No one with less than 4 years of college education from a pro-Vedic university with reasonably good standard of education ** can be allowed to seek political post regardless of minority or majority class

** The universities like JNU needs to be closed or re-named (like e.g. S C Bose Univ.,) and he faculty needs to be replaced with pro-Vedics.



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