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USA may be indirectly funding religious conversion in India

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Subject: Raising Children to be Soldiers of Allah

Islamophobia is sweeping the world. It is keeping it’s the momentum.

Therefore, O Freedom Lovers, please help annihilate Islamic / jihadi terrorists.  Demolish “madrasas” (Muslim educational schools which teach young Muslims to hate other religions & love only Islam!!!

(The kafir democracies of the world can and need to amend their construction declaring Islam illegal. Any other way is not likely to work. – Skanda987)

For God’s sake, let everybody realize the grave implications of Islamists being given the freedom.

Islam is a religion of hate ideology…it is not repeat not a religion of peace…do not be misguided on this by Muslims…their religious book==Quran==encourages jihadi terrorism and wants the infidels ( non-Muslims ) to be harshly treated with iron rods unless they agree to become Muslims and  killed …can you beat it???  Yes, the Qur’anic verses say so…how then are the non-Muslims getting fooled and getting converted to Islam?? Its damn shame…Islamic suicide terrorists are lured to explode bombs with an assurance to be given a place in heaven with virgin girls and boys too to ostomies…..as if the god is only meant for Muslims and he will be partial to Muslims only. .. What a non-sense is being preached by Muslim clerics!!!

MADRASAS, the Muslim educational school where Muslim children are brain washed and radicalized, must be banned and the fanatic Muslims who try to galvanize Muslims or attempt to convert persons to ISLAM must be severely dealt with.  There cannot be an easy treatment for such Jihadi Islamic terrorists…Let there be no mistake. Strike them down with all the force at one’s command or else it would be too late. ISLAMOPHOBIA is sweeping the whole world. Strike it down with vengeance or else it would be disastrous if Mushrooming of MADRASAS OR EFFORTS TO RADICALISE THE MUSLIMS IS NOT CHECKED.  Do not allow construction of Mosques because these are yet another center points for Islamic Terrorists.  BEWARE, BEWARE, & BEWARE BEFORE YOU ARE BETRAYED.

To a Muslim, his religion is more sacred than the patriotism / nationalism to the country of his residence/ nationality. For a Muslim, his sole aim is to ISLAMISE THE NON-ISLAMIC COUNTRY. And introduce SHARIAAT, Islamic laws!!! How terrible!!! ..To do so, they (Muslims) will try to change the demography by increasing the Muslim population by marrying 4 wives and producing more kids. It is time that Non-Muslims stop their liberal attitude towards Muslims for such a lenience  is propelling Muslim Clerics to proselytization, conversion of Non-Muslims to Islam, construction of Mosques which provide shelter to Islamic Terrorists and start “Madrasas”, the Muslim educational schools where young Muslims are radicalized. Visit these schools. Take a look at what is being taught in these schools and it would be clear. It is time that strict control is exercised and stop efforts to Islamize the countries with Sharia laws introduced…There cannot be multiple laws in the country. THERE NEEDS TO BE ONLY ONE LAW FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY, PASSED BY THE PARLIAMEN. If these do not suit the Muslims then they should leave the country and find another country where they would be more at ease with Sharia Laws…

Dr. Narayan Bhide, A.N.Abhyankar, Ganpat Deshpande,  S.F.Seetharaman, V.R.Krishnan, R.Jayant Sen, Ashok SenGupta, M.Ghosh, R.E.L.Reddy,  Shyam Jeswani,  S.K.Thomas, Joseph Chandy,   K.L.Mirchandani, Indru  Lalwani,  M.L.Malkani,   G.Mahapatra, V.H.Purnik,V.K.Gopalakrishnan, C.K.Sivaraman, J.R.Menon,  Madhukar Bhole, E. Ram Mohan Rao.  S.R.Rao, G.K.Choudhary, E.S.D.Raju,   S.Narasimhachari, Gopal Pandurangam, R.S.Rao, S.R.Venkatweshwarlu, K.Vijaya Laxmi, Shanti Narayanan, Sumitra Nimbalkar, Sarojini Ranga Rao, Rohini Pandit and others.

March 27, 2015

From: D C Nath < >

Dear Friends,

Subject: Islamist Groups Plan “Islamic State” in the Indian Subcontinent

Here is a very significant piece of information from the Bengali daily, “Dainik Statesman” of March 25, 2015, originating from Dhaka.

The facts stated in it are like:

A few known terrorist outfits from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Mayanmar have decided to form an “Islamic State” in this subcontinent.

The main force behind is JMB (Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen of Bangladesh. ISIS s providing full support.

The name of the proposed body has been decided to be, “Islamic Law and Order Force of Hindustan.”

Those aligned to this group are: Harkat-ul-Jihad, Hizbut Tahrir, JMB and Ansarullah Bangla Team.

The group leaders had held a secret meeting in Bangladesh in October last year. A senior Syrian ISIS leader was present in the meeting.

The formation of an Islamic Khilafat in this subcontinent was the major topic for discussion.

The target date for the formation of the “Islamic Law and Force of Hindustan is 2020 by creating an armed revolution/ sabotage from within.

The assessment of the group is: the major obstacles before them currently are the internal security agencies of Bangladesh like RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) and the senior leaders from the Armed Forces, Border Guard and Police.

The leaders are in touch with each other through cell phones and emails.

All this information has been gathered from the former student leader of the Jaamat, namely, Ershad Hossain Mamun, who has been arrested on March 23, 2015.

Friends, it is worth noting how well and how much in advance, they make preparation to achieve their objective. This also fits in with the broad framework of what all we had discussed in our program of the 21st March at the IIC.

We do hope the government in the Centre is duly seized with the serious threat potential from what has come out in this report. A copy of this mail is separately sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Security Advisor for action as thought fit.

(Note: For those who read Bengali, a scanned copy of the concerned press report is attached.)


Your sevak!

D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)

(President, Patriots’ Forum)


Challenging Islam’s License to Kill

By Mark Durie


FrontPage Magazine

March 25, 2015


Originally published under the title, “Challenging Islam’s Warrant to Kill.”


(The non-Muslims cannot challenge it because they have no authority over Muslims.  They are not an Authority in Islam.  However, they can, and must declare Islam illegal in their kafir democracies. – Skanda987)


Last week the Islamic State’s ‘Hacking Division’ released the names and addresses of one hundred US military personnel. It urged the ‘brothers residing in America’ – i.e. American Muslims – to ‘deal with’ them, which is to say, it wants them killed.


There is much talk these days of radicalization and de-radicalization. At the heart of both processes are religious ideas: theological dogmas. What are some of the key theological principles that might cause a Muslim to take this call seriously? What is the Islamic reasoning given by the IS Hacking Division in support of its call to kill non-Muslims?


The Hacking Division quote two verses of the Qur’an:

  • Sura 9:123 ‘fight believers who are near to you,’ and
  • Sura 9:14 ‘Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them, and satisfy [actually yashfi ‘heal’] the breasts of a believing people’.


The meaning of these two verses hangs upon the word qātilū, translated here as ‘fight’. The verbal root q-t-l from which qātilū is formed means ‘kill’, so the Arabic actually means ‘fight to kill’ (see discussion here). These Qur’anic verses truly are commands to kill non-Muslims.


The second quoted verse, from Sura 9:14, puts forward a view concerning what Muslims should do about emotional pain and anguish they may experience because of unbelievers. ‘Allah’, the verse says, ‘will heal the breasts’ of Muslims, – and then the sentence continues into the next verse – ‘and remove the rage of their hearts’.


Persuading Muslims to take the words of Muhammad seriously is the core strategy of radicalization.


The key concept here is that if Muslims have strong feelings, including anger, against non-Muslims, their emotional distress will subside and be ‘healed’ as they kill, humiliate and triumph over non-believers. Strange therapy indeed for the human soul! According to the Qur’an, in order to secure inner ‘peace’, calm within the Muslim soul can be secured by shedding non-Muslim blood.


These are stock-standard verses used to urge Muslims to go for jihad against disbelievers. However what most caught my eye in the Hacking Division’s call to arms against infidels in America was but a reference to Muhammad’s teachings. The Hacking Division refers to hadith 4661 in a published English version of the Sahih Muslim (translated by Abdul Hamid Sidiqqi).


The Sahih Muslim is one of the most revered and authoritative sources for the teaching and example of Muhammad, whose life is considered exemplary and compulsory for Muslims to emulate. This particular hadith can be found on page 1263 of Volume 3 of the English edition:



Chapter 789 (DCCLXXXIX)


About a man who killed a disbeliever and embraced Islam.

(4661) It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: A disbeliever and a believer who killed him will never be gathered together in Hell. [See here.]


This is a most significant statement. It is saying that if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim, they cannot both end up in hell. The alternative to hell is paradise, so in other words, killing a non-Muslim – who is destined for hell due to their unbelief – can provide a sure ticket to paradise for a Muslim.


This tradition is the authority for a view widely put about by jihadis, that if a Muslim personally gets to kill a disbeliever, the Muslim will gain paradise. Put together with the famous belief that for a Muslim to be ‘martyred’ in jihad opens the gates of paradise (see Sura 3:169-170; 9:111; and 22:58), fighting to kill non-Muslims can be a ticket to glory, win or lose. Either one kills and gains a get-out-of-hell free card, or one is killed and gains a get-into-paradise-free card. This is a win-win proposition for the jihadi.


Persuading Muslims to take the words of Muhammad seriously is the core strategy of radicalization. This tactic works as well as it does because it appeals to a plain reading of Islam’s holy texts.


To be de-radicalized, a Muslim needs to repudiate the theological authority of the teachings of Muhammad and the Qur’an. This is a hard call for pious Muslims. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was surely correct in her recent essay calling for reform of Islam when she wrote that the fundamental problem is that the majority of otherwise peaceful and law-abiding Muslims are unwilling to acknowledge, much less to repudiate, the theological warrant for intolerance and violence embedded in their own religious texts.


Hirsi Ali also declared:


We in the West need to challenge and debate the very substance of Islamic thought and practice. We need to hold Islam accountable for the acts of its most violent adherents and to demand that it reform or disavow the key beliefs that are used to justify those acts.


Hirsi Ali was right: The West needs to engage with and repudiate the Islamic dogmas that killing or being killed in murderous attacks against non-Muslims is some kind of golden key which unlocks the gates of paradise. Until these beliefs and the canonical teachings they rely on are acknowledged and repudiated, the lives of non-Muslims will continue to be discarded as the ‘ticket to paradise’ of Muslim belligerents.


Hadiths such as 4661 from Sahih Muslim, and the Qur’anic verses cited here are a genuine part of the Islamic canon. Such verses remain un-renounced and un-repudiated by a great many Muslims and Islamic institutions today.


As long as such texts are not repudiated, the theological winds of Islam will all too easily continue to sweep pious Muslim hearts and minds towards radicalization, a process which exalts the idea that the lives of infidels are disposable.


Islam’s warrant to kill infidels is an idea which deserves to be exposed, challenged, thoroughly debated, and rejected.


Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist, Anglican pastor, a Shillman-Ginsburg Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum, and Adjunct Research Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths at Melbourne School of Theology.


Whose Side Are You On

Whose Side Are You On?


From: Mohan Natarajan < >





Our minority controlled media and the treacherous western media, made a lot of noise when India banned the screening of India’s daughter.  BBC is shameless so also the Oxford University. INDIAN SECULARS SUPPORTED THE BBC, IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


See the arrogance – they speak about freedom of speech but bans Swamy, fearing, he will expose the whites.  SHAME ON UK, SHAME ON INDIAN SECULARS.


I am enclosing a posting from another group, detailing the ban of Swamy and Rajiv.

Please disseminate.


With best wishes,

N Mohan




Oxford University bars Dr. Subramanian Swamy & Rajiv Malhotra –

Cancels lecture on “India’s Economy” & “Revisionist History”


The Human Rights Act 1998incorporates Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.  Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.


[And yet – – – – !!]


‘We are stunned that a leading British University that should be championing free speech and freedom of thought, has taken such a cowardly decision. We cannot allow the appeasement of extremists to stifle cherished values and I fear this decision will reflect very badly on Oxford University and their much publicized “free rigorous thinking” credentials.” Satish K Sharma, General Secretary, National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)


From this surprising cancellation, effectively banning Dr. Swamy and Shri Malhotra from speaking at Oxford University, we might reasonably conclude that the faculty of Oxford University, tasked with the responsibility of educating young impressionable minds, are incapable of communicating by personal example, the fundamental need for observance and protection of Human rights, especially the right to Freedom of Speech.


A statistical review of who has been barred and who has been welcomed may reveal an uncomfortable correlation and point to a persistent phenomenon concerning the clarity of vision and “discrimination-free” credentials of the senior members of the Oxford Academic Faculty, particularly it would seem when the rights being trampled underfoot are those of “brown skinned Hindus”.








Poulasta Chakraborthy

24 March 2015


For long I always thought of Oxford University as one of those hallowed sanctuaries where all viewpoints, no matter how eye-popping or scandalous, got acceptance. What else would explain the Oxford Union inviting the likes of far-right politicians like Marine Le Pen, as well as the famed Holocaust denier David Irving?


But my faith in Oxford as a supporter of free thought and speech received a rude jolt on 20 March, when a decision was taken to cancel the lectures on ‘Economic development over the years and new reforms needed to take India forward’ and ‘Rethinking India History based on the book Breaking India: Western Intervention in Dravidian and Dalit fault lines’, by Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Rajiv Malhotra citing “logistical and internal issues”.


The decision was supposed to have been taken after a series of meetings between prominent and influential members of Oxford University’s academic faculty and members of the Oxford India Society.

One interesting fact to notice here is that a petition opposing Subramanian Swamy and Rajiv Malhotra was raised on the popular site change.org, urging the Oxford India Society to cancel the invitation extended to them to speak on the aforementioned topics.


Now are these petitioners actually striving to prevent giving the Oxford platform to people they consider as bigots with extremist views? What are these extremist views these crusaders of decency are trying to prevent?





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