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There is a certain country in South Asia that does not admit that it is PARTITIONED. None recollects or realizes that until recently Lahore was as “Indian” as Mumbai and Kolkata today. And since there is lack of guts, courage, even patriotism, none wishes to know from the President’s mouth the reason of Lahore being “beheaded”!
Where to turn for the answer, “Why was Lahore deleted from the map of India?” Or “Why has the frontier dropped from Khyber to Wagah?” And the most disturbing of all is the question, “What are the MUSLIMS doing in Delhi after the “beheading” of  LAHORE?”
We can only pray for “achche din” when not only the President but his Constitution, too, will tell the Truth by naming the TRAITORS who gave their consent to Partition, willingly or unwillingly. The frontier did not drop to Wagah automatically!
Pakistani community in the UK is planning a great demonstration to “welcome” Mr. Modi when he comes to London next week. Indian “coolie” media is not informing the world about the origin of the country called “Pakistan” and what she did within days of gaining sovereignty from “mother” India. We have never seen a graphic representation of the invasion of Kashmir that started on October 24, 1947.
On that day we understood the meaning of “Islam is a religion of peace!” when Pakistani regulars, along with wild tribesmen of Frontier province, crossed the undefended border and started killing, raping and looting all the non Muslim civilians living there. Instead of consolidating their territorial gains and celebrating their victory over New Delhi, they descended to the level of beasts and barbarians and got busy with raping, looting and killing.
Today one can see Islamic “civilization” in Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan where TENS OF MILLIONS of followers of Mohammed have fled their homes, lands and countries in order to live among the Christians in Europe and North America. And the Bangladeshi MUSLIMS are happy to come to the same Hindustan that they profusely abused and left, a generation ago.
 In Kashmir Pakistan is on the offensive but India (Bharat) is on the defensive. Muslims have been on the offensive since 712 while we HINDUS who never expelled them from our soil nor crossed the border to capture and enslave Arabia or Afghanistan, have been on the defensive, claiming to be ”morally superior”!
Suppressing all awareness of PARTITION is again an act of extreme cowardice- too extreme and beyond imagination, impossible for words to describe. Here the frontier dropped from KHYBER to WAGAH and there is NO shame or regret worth owning up in public! The Hindu nation sits SHRUNK in its cocoon and seems in agony while for the RULERS “achche din” are about to come despite the “burning fuse” in Kashmir. What “achche din” came to Bharat after the fall of Sindh (712), and then after the fall of Lahore (approx.. 900 AD) and then after the fall of Delhi (1192), and finally, after the surrender of Lahore and East Bengal (1947)?
The only promise of “achche din” is to show guts and patriotism to publicly renew the pledge of loyalty to Lahore, Multan and East Bengal till eternity.
Hindus who kept quiet after the defeat of 712 AD INVITED the fall of Lahore. And those who “lumped” the defeat of Lahore then INVITED the fall of Delhi in 1192 AD. And then the “achche din” came with the occupation of Bharat by Britain. Our leaders, GANDHI & NEHRU kept promising us “achche din” during all those days of slavery when all the silver, diamonds, gold and treasures of Maharajas was being taken to LONDON. But, instead, we had PARTITION and one third of Bharat flew off the map of India. So the readers ought to KNOW for sure now what is meant by “achche din” for our Hindu nation!
For “achche din” it is not the technical developments or the wealth and riches or the flourishing Bollywood, but an IDEOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION of the nation’s mentality and belief system. To be serious about living safely in Delhi after fleeing East Bengal, Karachi, Lahore and Srinagar, it is necessary to go over the causes of that historic and horrendous defeat and surrender of 1947.

All the Governments of Bharat since PARTITION (1947) should have remained in the mode of grief, regret, anger, revenge and RETALIATION, making great din and noise, protesting against that uncalled for, unjustified and sudden Islamic ONSLAUGHT.
In 2001 we could have told even America after her WTC towers were set ablaze, “WE HAD WARNED YOU ABOUT ISLAMIC TERRORISM!”
Dear (perishing) Hindu nation, you cannot imagine what the NATIVES of Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and SINDH, who saw their temples destroyed men killed and women raped, had to go through when the barbarians from Arabia INVADED their lands to impose Islam.
The Jews of Irak, the Christians of Syria, the Zoroastrians of Iran and the Buddhists of Afghanistan did not vanish automatically nor do they have an EYE WITNESS of the upheaval when “Islam” arrived with Koran and Sword. But luckily only the Hindus of Pakistan are the EYE WITNESSES of that great calamity when Islam replaced secularism and drowned us in its poison, or forced us to flee in all directions. And yet for the rulers of Partitioned India this “PARTITION” was a NON EVENT that cannot be discussed in Lok Sabha or entered in the Constitution!
To conclude EVERYONE can be sure that behaving like the timid virgin who conceals the FACT of being raped again and again, Bharat will be attacked and invaded from inside and outside again and again till DELHI falls in massacres and bloodshed like Lahore.

To ensure the future of “achche din” we have to look closely and objectively at PARTITION and declare it NULL & VOID since the Muslims in Bharat are as happy or unhappy as in Pakistan. We appeal to the Rashtrapati,
“Mr. President, do what the SHEEP would do in order to survive after a pack of WOLVES has appeared in their forest. Failing to address the surrender of Lahore is to make sure that Delhi goes the SAME way!
“Let there be nationwide discussion on ‘What Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Shivaji, Netaji, and above all, Guru Gobind Singhji, would have done facing the prospect of Partition- and the surrender of Lahore, the city founded by Luv, the son of Sri Ram and Sita Devi, where Guru Arjun Dev was tortured and killed and Shaheed Bhagat Singh was hanged to death for the cause of “achche din” (Independence)!’”*
Baisakhi, 2018


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On Sat, 31 Mar 2018 18:49

And then the ENEMY captured Lahore and proceeded to massacre the non Muslim residents in the city- the indigenous people.  
Gangs of killers roamed freely. Law enforcing authorities were nowhere to be seen. Residents shut their doors & windows in terror, awaiting the inevitable, expecting the worst.
There was NO law and order in Lahore just as there had been NO law and order in Multan and Rawalpindi earlier, now resembling ghost towns. The barbarians had wiped out civilization.
Those who stepped out to fetch water from the street taps, buy food or milk for the babies were instantly beheaded. The others perished in their own homes set ablaze by the highly charged Muslim mobs shouting “Allah hu Akbar”. Women and girls were dragged out of their homes to be raped and gang raped, none heeding to their anguished cries. They shouted “Mummy!, Daddy!” whose mutilated corpses lay in front of their eyes.
India, Bharat, Hindustan, whatever one may wish to call her, had DIED.
Where was humanity? Where were the champions of Secularism? Where were the super powers? Where was the UNO? where were HUMAN – RIGHTS , Where was God?
Weeks later the INVADERS were to head for Srinagar, raping, looting, burning along the way till the Indian army, flown in post-haste, confronted them just 12 miles short of Srinagar, the capital, where the residents heaved a sigh of relief.
Was “Partition” a non event like the bite of a mosquito or a devastating, crippling, major attack by a “beast” that mutilated India, devouring a leg and an arm, claimed two million lives, brought the frontier down from Khyber to Wagah, with gangrene spreading in torso?
How patriotic are those who “deny” Partition like those who deny the Jewish Holocaust? How right are they who do not wish to talk about Partition of India, fearing civil war and their own death?
Are they serving or betraying Truth? Are they brave or cowards? Can the cowards defy common sense and the entire wisdom of mankind, all the lessons from history, all Laws of Nature- and still hold on to LAND?
What do YOU think?
Easter weekend 2018
(Saturday 31 March 2018)
PS: Please preserve this “leaf from memory” and save it for the coming generations, for the humanity – till eternity.
On Sunday, April 1, 2018 7:46 AM, rsingh305 via Patriots Forum < > wrote:


Thank you.
Our great civilisation and the even greater glory of our Scriptures, thoughts and writings must be seen through the lense of PERFORMANCE ON LAND. By now it should be OBVIOUS to all that our enemies, with Spiritual & Ideological epicentres in distant FOREIGN lands, aim to capture our LAND to the last square inch and exterminate us or drive us up the trees. How many Non Muslims have survived in West Punjab and what is the STATUS & IMAGE of Hindus in East Bengal?
In other words, all the Vedas and Granths and all our heroes and martyrs and the great scholarly volumes on the “Hindu” way of life, philosophy and Dharma, mean little if they are contemptuously considered little or irrelevant in Lahore and East Bengal, and if we see a Hindu dreaming of getting back to his home in Srinagar or crying over the sight of his looted shop and home and the burnt out shell of his temple in West Bengal. Overall “Hindu” (majority community) protective UMBRELLA was also expected to ensure the safety and well-being of the smaller and more vulnerable NATIVE “streams and tributaries” like the Jains, the SIKHS and the Buddhists.
“Performance on Land” means the ability of the NATIVES (Hindus) to DOMINATE our territory from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG in a virile and manly manner, NOT from Wagah to Hoogly.
With these ideas, a resurgence should begin straightaway with the aim of flying Bhagwa over KHYBER PASS once again. The WATERSHED between Savage and the Civilised has to be Khyber Pass and Sulaiman Range, not Wagah and Kutch. A bully and aggressor must NEVER be rewarded, or allowed to live with his LOOT.
1 Apr 18

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Who Gave Me Refugee Tag?


Sent: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 7:53

Subject: Re: An Apology

Dear Sirs,

To be honest and frank, I find this controversy a little beyond me.

Many a times, I think why our Father, put us in RAM ASHRAM SCHOOL, an education center for elite Hindus’ Children. It was beyond his means, more so at that time.

When we came to Amritsar, in August/September in a Convoy from JHEHLUM City, we had just a Cane Suit Case of Food Stuff, courtesy LALA AWTAR NARAIN F/O late PM Inder K Gujral who had put his Car at my Father’s Disposal, in JEHLUM. Fortunately, earlier in August, he had come to India to organize 45 Truck Convoy with an Army Escort. He had put 2/3 Suit Cases of essential Clothes in some Seth’s huge Bungalow, in Amritsar. The SETH had spared us two Rooms. Food used to be served by the Lady of the House in her huge Kitchen. Standing, she would put PHULKAA in our THAALIS with an expert Cricketer’s throw, from about 10 feet. Then we shifted to temporary Flat in Hall Bazaar, after my Father joined Duty in Punjab Police Amritsar. 2 months later, we shifted to another very comfortable 1st Floor House in the Evacuee’s Property in some Street in HAAL BAZAAR.

Nationalist Fervor was very strong at that time among the Displaced People, not withstanding atrocities committed in the other Punjab. In fact, my own Father was brutally attacked in a Village THAANA/LELE/JEHLUM, around April 1947 or so, for saving Hindus from masquerading Mobs in nearby town.

His Pay was around Rs. 200/- per month, at that time. Being an absolute honest Husband, my Mother managed with that. We two Brothers would cycle to School and little Sister used to be taken to School by our Orderly. As I said earlier, we used to get no pocket money and had no friends. One day, I saw a truck with dead bodies passing by. One-time Panditji, came to address huge crowd, most were Refugees, in Company Bagh. Yet some Punjab Ministers would do trade with Lahore surreptitiously and then CM/Shri BHAGAVA would not agree to they being arrested when caught red handed. When Panditji demised, I was in Port Blair, I too cried with the whole Nation. In 1948, Panditji/Sardar Patel, had my Father posted to J&K and thus returned to IB.

I carried the TAG of a Refugee which did hurt me deep within. I was born in RAM NAGAR [ next to New Delhi Railway Station,] in Delhi in November, 1936. WHY WAS A I REFUGEE IN MY OWN PLACE OF BIRTH? Who was responsible for my this TAG. Why did I have to suffer an offhand attitude which I had to endure for many decades.

I served my country faithfully till superannuation in 1996. And then began my journey of discovery as to who and how I was made a Refugee, in my own Country. Yes Parents, though born in W Punjab, too should not have been labelled as Refugees. Lala Avtar Naraian and PM IK Gujral shifted to India in 1948/49 as did Shri Advaniji. That is our Bureaucracy/HUKMARAAN.

I have found no clear Answers, till date.

2.5 Million strong apolitical Indian Military, post WW 2, was itself put in the process of crossing and thus largely disarmed, so was the Police. Why Lord Mountbatten could not foresee it, from the Riots of March/April 1947. British Military was guarding BRITS in far flung TEA ESTATES.

Why the AWAAM were not informed in depth what was going to happening. Very few knew about the Choice to go to India, in fact 2nd biggest ethnic cleaning/HOLOCAUST. Lala Avtar Narain was then MLA in Punjab Assembly and opted for Pakistan on Mr. JINNAH A’s assurances.

Muslim League was clear. They wanted Premiership and no Voting Rights for their Women and weightage beyond their strength too, a revert to Mogul times.

Nobody knows who agreed to Partition of India. But Panditji with Shri Krishna Menon joined Lord Mountbatten Family in Shimla in June/July 1947 where the contours of the Division were agreed upon. MAHATMAJI was kept out of the Loop and was informed on his MAUNWART Day of the Week.

Lord Attlee/PM, wanted to leave India in a Mess. UK/War Office wanted Pakistan separate but J&K was contrived as that was a Door to riches of Central Asia, soft Belle of USSR, CHINA and unspoken was INDIA. West wanted and still want Air Base in Srinagar Valley. Cross Border Terrorism and Afghanistan imbroglio will remain till either India becomes weak and dismembered or united and very strong.

NATIONALISM is my DHARMA but I have a Right to Know who gave me Refugee Tag. I have been a Member of Indian Society of International Law and International C Red Cross Committee /UNO is their Partner in many Seminars. There is no legal definition for me. But Law Society’s advice is that, I can sue the Government of India. But first I must know who gave me the Refugee Tag. I am not crazy.

In conclusion, I find it amusing, this or that Political Party. DARPOKON AUR AISHPRAST KOUM KISI GINTI MEIN SHUAMR NAHIN KI JAATIN HAIN.

Warm regards,

Commander Prem P Batra Retired


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5th. March, 1947. What happened on that day?

                               “KHOON KI HOLI” and cry for “MUSLIM-MUKT BHARAT”
The following account will not be seen anywhere in PI (Partitioned India), or BB, (Broken Bharat) since the rulers, though Hindu majority, are not willing to clear people’s doubts and misgivings about the unprecedented historic defeat, and the vast territorial surrenders, in 1947 when Khyber, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi and East Bengal were promptly handed over to the INDIAN Muslims (All-India Muslim League) on August 15, 1947 with absolutely NO safeguards for Hindus’ safety or rights. Was it mere oversight or blunder by barristers Gandhi and Nehru, or a capital crime deserving corporal punishment?
Two years earlier the whole world had united to punish the aggressor (NAZI Germany) who was forced to sign unconditional surrender while in Hindusthan the aggressor (“Mohammed”) succeeded with hands down, and was well rewarded, making the Hindus sign the unconditional surrender!
Some “leaders” we had! And some “nation” we are, still celebrating defeat (PARTITION), calling it “Independence”, and hailing Nehru and Gandhi as our illustrious heroes and great patriots of Bharat Mata!
Our leaders, despicable, UNSCRUPULOUS & COWARDS TO THE BONE MARROW, had neither the guts to DEFEND our sacred “dharti” where Luv & Kush grew up and lived, and Guru Nanak Devji was born, nor even the least sense of honour to apologise to the nation for accepting that humiliating surrender to the barbarians, without resisting or holding referendum!
When the first shots were fired in Noakhali in East Bengal (August 1946), “Bapu” Gandhi, “Father of Nation”, did not sit up to assess the situation, REASONS & CONSEQUENCES, of that massacre of the Hindus. At that very moment Gandhi “DIED” as the legitimate leader of the Hindu nation but proved to be a stooge of the rulers and grovelling servant of Islam. He should have been set aside and Nehru, who did not even go to Noakhali to see the survivors, ought to have been thrown in the gutter of history. 
But the ignorant and betrayed Hindu nation moved on, like a drunken elephant (“mast haathi”) with our heads filled with wood shavings (“bhoosa”), to Hindusthan’s next nemesis when the following occurred on 5th. March 1947.
                                    “KHOON KI HOLI” and cry for “MUSLIM-MUKT BHARAT”
In the sacred city where Bhagat Prahlad lived and defied his arrogant father who claimed to be God, the atmosphere was tense.
The previous evening the non Muslim citizens of Multan had gathered in Kupp Maidan, a large open space next to the police station near city centre, to protest against the obscene and provocative plan to partition India between the Hindus and the Muslims.
Islam was brought to Hindusthan by ruthless invaders from Arabia in 712 AD. Everyone knows the fate of the defeated Hindu King, Dahir, and all the women in his palace. His two daughters were captured and despite their curses, cries and wails, were immediately despatched- one to the ruler of Baghdad Caliphate and the other to the Imam of Grand Mosque in Mecca. Their fate has not been recorded. They were from Hindu royal household and “daughters of Hindusthan” who were so badly treated and abused to fulfil the lust of the predators.
On the morning of March 5, 1947, a procession of students of DAV High School and Emerson College was demonstrating against Partition and shouting slogans against Jinnah and his Muslim league when suddenly a crowd of Muslims, many butchers from the shops nearby among them, charged into the unarmed students, most in their teens, and started injuring  and killing them in rage- and indiscriminately. The youngsters ran in all direction to save themselves. The Muslim mob dispersed, leaving the dead and the injured lying in the street. There was panic in the city. Shop shutters came down quickly and people went into their homes and shut the doors. Many were rushing to their homes, visibly shaken & frightened, crying, “They have killed Nanak Singh!” It was ominous. Nanak Singh had declared at the great rally the previous evening, “India will be cut upon my dead body!”
As soon as the sun set we heard shouts of “Allah hu Akbar” when Muslim mobs gathered to attack Hindu homes, using the cover of darkness. We heard the cries of those dying at their hands. Inmates were killed, females raped and then the homes were set on fire. One could see the glow of fire and smoke for miles around long after the shrieks and cries of those perishing went silent. 
Being a minority the Hindus, betrayed by Nehru and Gandhi and the Government of India, had only one course open to them- to escape the land that was going under the sway of Islam. Law and order was giving way to anarchy with Rawalpindi district becoming the next target of the barbarians. Like cancer the Islamic poison was spreading quickly throughout West Punjab. Within days the historic mass migration gathered momentum and the blessed ‘land of five rivers’ was ruined beyond recognition.
A new Islamic republic was born, shrinking the surface area of the earth still further where genuine civilisation was confined.
In “bleeding” Bharat with her mutilated body and injured psyche a new aspiration gave birth among the masses, for “ISLAM-MUKT” Bharat!
What originated in the desert ought to be returned to the desert- come what may, and whatever be the cost!
5 March 2018
Please pass on!

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From: “Madhav Tembe” < >

Forwarded WhatsApp msg :

It is a part of the tradition in Afghanistan that those who pay visit to the tomb of Mohammad Ghori first disrespect the grave of Prithviraj Chauhan by stamping and jumping on the place, where the Indian emperor’s mortal remains are buried.
Reason for this tradition is that while the Prithvi Raj Chauhan was a Prisoner & was blinded by Md Ghori. then also he killed Md Ghori by his arrow in a dramatic event.
The inscription on the tomb reads: “Here lies the Kafer king of Delhi.
People who beat up the grave should come and see Humayun’s tomb in India a contrast in the treatment meted out and maintenance.
There must now be an urgency of bringing back the remains of Prithviraj Chauhan to India for a worthy memorial at Delhi as well as Ajmer.
A brief note on Prithvi Raj Chauhan:
Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu king to sit upon the throne of Delhi. He was born in 1168 as the son of Someshwar Chauhan, the king of Ajmer.
In the first Battle of Taraori (misspled as Tarain) (1191 CE) Muhammad Ghori invaded Prithviraj’s domains. Prithvi Raj defeated Ghori and captured him.
Ghori begged Prithvi for mercy and release. Prithviraj’s ministers advised against pardoning the aggressor. However, the chivalrous and valiant Prithviraj respectfully released the vanquished Ghori.
Second Battle of Tarain (1192 CE): The very next year, Ghori repaid Prithviraj’s gesture by again invading Prithviraj’s kingdom with a stronger army.
Again, the two armies met at Tarain. The Hindus followed a traditional practice of battling only between sunrise and sunset. Ghori attacked the surprised Rajput army before daybreak and thus emerged victorious.Ghori captured prithvi alive and took him all the way to Afghanistan from india.
As a prisoner in afganistan Prithvi Raj haughtily looked straight into the Ghoris eyes. On this Ghori made Prithvi blind.
Even after loss of his sight, he did not lose courage. He along with his poet friend Chand Bardai killed Ghori through blind archery and then stabbed themselves to put a chivalrous life to an end.
Prithvi Raj rather sought his death himself than being killed by Ghori’s army. Such was the life of this great warrior and saviour of his subjects. The brave emperor was buried near the tomb of Mohammad Ghori.
Even today Afghans vent their anger on Prithviraj’s Grave by stabbing on it  through a rope & then pay accolades to their defeated king Ghori.
It’s a pity that the Indian Government who is engaged in the construction work of a war ravaged country has no time to pay honour or renovate the grave of a Valiant King
Ex- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi had time to visit Baburs grave and pay homage (if I may add, to please a section of society) and not to our very own Indian.
It is not a matter of which caste he belonged to but what he did and who he was A great Indian king. His is a story only heard in hypothetical story books. However he was for real and died and lived in way which is worth saving his grave of malicious people.
Some part of Indian tax payers income goes into the resurrection of Afghanistan and we have the moral right to question the dilapidated state of the grave.
We request our fellow citizens to pass this information forth to each and everyone and request Indian Government to take up this issue forth with the Government of Afghanistan. Either the remains should come back or treated with respect.
Hope and expect every Indian will take sometime off his/her valuable time to pass this on and put this little (even if it is like a drop in the ocean) effort to save the grave of our martyr.
~ Madhav Tembe

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From: Maj Gen Ashok Coomar < >


A Descendent of Maharani Padmini Speaks Up



—————————— ———

By Ajay Raj Singh Begu


At the onset please note the below mentioned too is “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.”


I too am a descendant of Maharawal Ratan Singh and Maharani Padmini. I still live in a fort which is situated about 60 kms away from Chittorgarh. Thus, the reaction.


Before I begin let me inform you that Khilji did attack the fort of Chittorgarh in Mewar in 1303 AD. Khilji besieged the fort for 06 months, finally when the rations got over in the fort of Chittorgarh, the fort gates were opened and it was like fight to the finish. Either win or lay down your life for the motherland. The brave Rajput men perished in the battle and a day before that all the exceptionally brave women inside the fort committed Jauhar or mass suicide by jumping into the fire to safeguard their honor.

It’s this plain and simple san any drama of Khilji seeing a reflection of Maharani Padmini in the mirror and attacking Chittorgarh fort to obtain Padmini.


All this drama is a figment of imagination of Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s poem Padmavati.

Mr. JAVED AKHTAR it seems you are suffering from some verbal diarrhea. Please understand Maharani Padmini’s Jauhar took place 500 years before the British arrived. Why are you mixing the two eras? Very conveniently you forgot the continuous saga of sacrifice and martyrdom of all the Rajputs specially Mewar that for almost 800 years fought, resisted and kept away the barbaric tribes, plunderers from invading India. Do you know your lineage beyond your grandfather or great grandfather? I doubt it. Well I know mine from 6th century.


You said in an interview that all these Ranas and Rajas were in full attendance at the British court. Please note in 1903 and 1911 when the British power was at its zenith and the imperial durbar was held in Delhi to coronate King George V. It was only Maharana Fateh Singh of Mewar (out of all the 565 kings) who chose not to attend the Delhi durbar despite repeated reminders by the British authorities because Maharana Fateh Singh of Mewar found the whole ceremony to be sort of humiliating.


Mewar since 08th century was at war with the invading armies of Muslims and other barbaric tribes who came for the wealth of this country and not just wealth but humiliated the women of this land. It was Mewar who kept resisting as much as they could. Have you ever read of Mewar trying to imperialize? We only tried to safeguard the interest and honor of our motherland.


By the time the British became a power to reckon with in our country which was split in 565 kingdoms. The kingdom of Mewar was drained of all its resources. After all, how much can a kingdom fight single handed. Thus, when the British offered respectable treaty of “Friendship London’’ Mewar agreed because the general population of Mewar after all wanted the long-awaited peace.


My ancestors were NOT fictional characters like Jai, Veeru or Gabbar Singh created by you in the film Sholay. They were real life heroes, freedom fighters, war veterans who spilled their blood for honor and independence. Kindly continue what you do best that is writing or reciting poetry. Please do not delve into history. Have you read a single book on medieval history? I doubt it.


What if I call you a second hand intellectual, who reads various books of several authors and then regurgitates like an owl to sound profound and intellectual. How will you feel? Please be original.

Poets and bards like you used to accompany my forefathers in wars and battles. Where in my forefathers fought and bards like you wrote heroic poetry and sang paeans in praise of them. With your finesse in literature and poetry writing you could have been a wonderful chronicler of that period.

On another occasion you said that you are proud to be born in a country where Akbar was born. Well no harm if you think so. This was in response to General V K Singh’s statement of renaming Akbar road with Maharana Pratap. I guess and hope I am correct you said “yeh jaahil kya samjhege Akbar ki mahaanta!” Well Mr. Akhtar the same great Akbar killed 25, 000/- innocent civilians in Chittorgarh who were not part of the battle/war during his siege of Chittorgarh in 1568 AD. So much for Akbar’s greatness!




And yes, I am so very proud to be born in the land of the champion of freedom the great MAHARANA PRATAP OF MEWAR.


In his (Akbar’s) pursuit of consolidating the Mughal empire if Maharana Pratap wanted to remain independent. So be it. Akbar should have left him and should have given him that space. I would have considered him great had Akbar done so.


Mr. Shashi Tharoor, in India there are histories and sub histories. There is not a composite history of India. You have read history. You are not a novice like Mr. Javed Akhtar as far as history is concerned. How could you forget the struggle and resistance put up by the Mewar kingdom for centuries?


Just because your book “An Era of Darkness” is a success. You cannot relate everything to the British era. Please come out of the “Simon Go Back” and “Quit India” phase of our national history. British have left please come out of that hangover.


Mr. Tharoor, you wrote in your book and I quote you “History, in any case, cannot be reduced to some sort of game of comparing misdeeds in different eras; each period must be judged in itself and for its own successes and transgressions.”


Mr. Tharoor, you remarked that these royals scurried for British favor. You know very well that India was not a one united nation in the 19th century when the British were expanding left, right and center in the present-day India. Please do not try to insinuate as if India was one nation and that the various Kings broke that alliance and allegiance and favored the British. In fact, India was divided into 565 small and big kingdoms or if I may call them 565 nations. There was general strife. All of them were fighting with each other of which the British took full advantage. So, when the British approached each kingdom separately for a treaty they readily agreed looking at the past turmoil.


Moreover, right after our independence in 1947 barring a few (miniscule number) of kingdoms almost all of them supported the accession to the Indian union. It was a bloodless transformation of power.   When Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel approached the kingdoms of Rajputana, Maharana Bhopal Singh of Mewar was the first one to sign the instrument of accession. Mewar dynasty with 1400 years of written record is one of the longest serving dynasties in the world.


Mr. Bhansali, you have made some very sensitive movies in the past where in you have given impetus to women characters. Culminating it with a solo or a dual dance performance by the female protagonist. Good for you and the film. After the shot when you sink in the director’s chair sycophants surrounding you may be saying things like “Sir ji kya shot tha” would make you may feel so high and mighty that you assume yourself to be the doyen of Hindi cinema. Now Mr. Bhansali here we are talking about Maharani Padmini who performed Jauhar along with 16000 women at the fort of Chittorgarh. How can you show her gyrating in a song sequence? If you are making a movie on a historical figure please keep the sensibilities in mind. Did you bother to take permission from the Mewar family? Did you consult historians?


As regards Deepika Padukone’s costume did you bother to consult anyone from Rajasthan or Mewar region who understand the culture and ethos of this region.


I remember watching an interview of yours where in you were giving tribute to one of our best dance choreographers Ms. Saroj Khan. You mentioned that when the movie Devdas was released Ms. Saroj Khan was unwell and was admitted in the ICU of a hospital so Ms. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and you went to meet her right after the premier show. From her bed the first thing she asked you was that “Dola Dola song par seeti baji (did people whistle) ….taaliya piti (did people clap). ” And you were all enamored by her and got emotionally choked by her dedication to her profession.


Mr. Bhansali, please show some decency and respect for Maharani Padmini who laid down her life by jumping into the fire to safeguard her honor. The sentiment being death rather than dishonor.

Please note in all three JAUHARS have taken place in the fort of Chittorgarh. All the three JAUHARS are well recorded in the history of Mewar.


Media too should refrain from making irresponsible statements. Please do not make a mockery of the whole thing by asking stupid questions whether Maharani Padmini existed or not.

Lot of media persons are concerned that so much money is at stake. Please have some shame.

Here our ancestors martyred fighting. Our ancestors in Mewar spilled their blood for the cause and you are concerned about the money involved.


So many movies were made right from Prem Rog to a phase in Bollywood in the 1980’s wherein they showed the village Thakur having a glad eye for the village belle/girls.

Did you encounter such vehement opposition as you all have experienced for this movie Padmavati to be showcased under the garb of poetic license?


Rajputs and other communities in Rajasthan and other states who are opposing Padmavati are not living in some old China. They are rightly opposing this movie.


Long Live Maharani Padmini, JAI MEWAR, JAI RAJPUTANA, JAI HIND!



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Remembering Gopal Mukherjee, The Braveheart Who Saved Calcutta In 1946


Jaideep Mazumdar

– Aug 19, 2017, 7:10 pm





During the massacre of Hindu men and women in Calcutta in 1946, one man mobilized the Hindu resistance and brought a halt to the horrific proceedings.

If Bengali Hindus are living in Kolkata today, and if (West) Bengal exists today, they have Gopal Mukhopadhyay (and other stalwarts) to thank for.

18 August ought to be a red-letter day for Kolkata in particular, and Bengal in general. But few remember this day, which marked a turning point in the gory events that overtook the city from 16 August 1946. And it was the dramatic turn of events from 18 August that year that saved the city and Bengal from becoming part of Pakistan.

Very few remember Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay, the brave heart who turned the tide against the Muslim League, saving tens of thousands of Hindus from certain annihilation and thus defeating the League’s diabolic pogrom against Hindus. Had it not been for him and his courageous and patriotic band of followers, Calcutta and its neighboring Hindu-majority districts would have been drained of Hindus and made part of East Pakistan.

The Prelude

As is well known, the then Muslim League chief minister of Bengal, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, organized a pogrom against the Hindus of Calcutta from 16 August 1946 – the Muslim League’s Direct Action Day (read all about the ‘butcher of Bengal’ and his dark deeds here). The pogrom against Hindus by the Muslim League was pre-planned. Jinnah gave enough indication of his evil intentions – he said he would have “India divided or India burned”, that the League had bidden “goodbye to Constitutional methods” and would “create trouble”.

The day – 16 August – was also chosen with care and to provoke Islamist sentiments. It was the eighteenth day of Ramzan, when prophet Muhammad fought and won the Battle of Badr, the first decisive victory over the heathens that paved the way for the bloody conquest of Mecca. Posters of Jinnah posing with a sword were distributed in Calcutta while the Muslim League Mouthpiece The Star of India and other Muslim publications reminded the community about the significance of the day and urged them to follow in the footsteps of the prophet to kill the heathens (Hindus) and make Bengal the “land of the pure” (Pakistan). Syed Muhammad Usman, then mayor of Calcutta, issued a widely circulated leaflet that said: Kafer! Toder dhongsher aar deri nei! Sarbik hotyakando ghotbei! (Infidels! Your end is not far away! You will be massacred!)

Muslim League leaders instructed clerics in mosques to give fiery speeches after the jumma namaz (16 August was a Friday as well). The clerics obeyed and reminded their congregations that the day was a significant one and exhorted them to cleanse Bengal of kafirs or infidels. But even before the Friday prayers, Muslims started attacking Hindu shops and business establishments that had remained open in defiance of the Muslim League’s call for a hartal (strike). After the prayers, tens of thousands of agitated Muslims streamed to the Ochterlony monument (the Shahid Minar now) to hear Suhrawardy and other Muslim League leaders. The leaders issued fiery speeches urging the Muslims to attack Hindus and drive them away from Calcutta so that Jinnah’s dream of making Bengal a part of Pakistan could come true. Suhrawardy, in his speech, assured the Muslims that he had ensured that the police and army would be “restrained”. This was construed as a direct encouragement to Muslims to attack and kill Hindus.

The Killing of Hindus

And this is exactly what happened. Tens of thousands of agitated Muslims, baying for the blood of Hindus, streamed out of the rally and spread to different parts of the city armed with iron rods, swords and lethal weapons. A shop selling arms and ammunition belonging to a Hindu at Esplanade (just near the venue of the Muslim League rally) was the first to be attacked. The owner and his employees were decapitated. What followed was a one-sided orgy of violence in which thousands of Hindu homes and shops were attacked, Hindu men and boys brutally massacred (decapitation and amputation of limbs were the preferred forms of brutality) while Hindu women were disrobed, raped and killed. Many were taken away as sex slaves.

One of the worst massacres took place at Kesoram Cotton Mills at Lichubagan in the Muslim-dominated Metiabruz area, where a Muslim League leader, Syed Abdullah Farooqi, led a Muslim mob inside the compound of the mill where about 600 Hindu labourers, mostly Odias, were staying. They were all beheaded; just two survivors lived to tell the tale of Muslim brutality. Both had their arms hacked off and had been given up for dead, but they survived.

The Hindus, as Suhrawardy had rightly predicted, did not put up any resistance in the first two days. He had told his colleagues that Hindus had been numbed into submission by centuries of Muslim rule and just did not possess the courage to stand up to Muslims, even though Muslims were in a minority in the country. It must be remembered that Calcutta had 64 per cent Hindus and 33 per cent Muslims in 1946, and only a few districts neighboring Calcutta like Howrah and Hooghly were Hindu-majority. Suhrawardy told his Muslim League colleagues that after centuries of being dominated by Muslims, Hindus did not “have it in their genes to resist Muslims” and that “Hindus were of the firm belief that they (Hindus) were weak and Muslims were strong and ferocious”.

Suhrawardy stationed himself in the control room of the Calcutta Police headquarters at Lalbazar, from where he restrained the British and Anglo-Indian police officers from deploying forces to areas where Muslims were attacking Hindus successfully. Earlier, Suhrawardy had changed the composition of the city police’s constabulary by inducting a large number of Pathans and Muslims from United Provinces (now Uttar Pradesh) into the force to replace Bihari Hindus. These Muslim constables also aided the Muslim League criminals in killing Hindu men and raping and butchering Hindu women.

The killings took place in Hindu-majority areas of the city, and in the first two days – 16, 17 August – a few thousand Hindus were killed. Estimates vary between 4,000 and 20,000; about 3,500 bodies of Hindus were cremated, but British and Indian contemporary historians have written that many times that number were stuffed into underground sewers or simply dumped in the Ganges and the various canals that crisscrossed the city. A conservative estimate would put the number of Hindus killed or missing at over 7,000.

Exodus of Hindus

Hindus started fleeing Calcutta. Howrah station was a mass of humanity with Hindus desperate to board trains bound for other parts of the country. Hundreds of Hindu families, desperate to cross the Hooghly in country boats, were drowned when Muslims manning barges rammed their vessels into the country boats. This was exactly what Suhrawardy had planned: kill Hindus and create such a fear psychosis that Hindus would flee Calcutta, and the city would then become Muslim-majority. A Muslim-majority Calcutta would then bolster the Muslim League’s demand for its inclusion in Pakistan.

Suhrawardy had planned that after driving Hindus out of Calcutta, he would turn his attention to Hindu-majority districts of Howrah and Hooghly as well as the 24 Parganas that were industrialized and driving the economy of Bengal. Without these districts, he realized, East Pakistan would not be economically well off. So it was imperative to drive Hindus away from these districts or beat them into submission so that they would not oppose the League’s demand for the inclusion of the districts in Pakistan.

Enter Gopal Mukhopadhyay

It was at this crucial juncture, when Suhrawardy’s and the Muslim League’s diabolical plan of killing Hindus and reducing them to a hopeless minority in Calcutta and neighboring districts was coming to fruition, that Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay emerged on the scene. Gopal, then 33, belonged to a family of nationalists. He was an ardent supporter of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and used to abhor Gandhian non-violence. He was a nephew of Anukul Chandra Mukhopadhyay, a nationalist thinker and professor of philosophy at Allahabad University who was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1964.

Gopal used to run his family mutton shop and, hence, was popularly known as Gopal ‘patha’ (‘patha’ means male goats in Bengali). Many researchers have said he used to interact closely with Muslim traders and rearers of goats, and bore not an iota of ill will towards Muslims. From his early days, Gopal was a philanthropist, helping families and people in distress. Gopal had already raised the Bharat Jatiya Bahini, a nationalist organization comprising young men, to help people in distress and carry out relief works during calamities. Many members of the Bahini were wrestlers.

On the night of 17 August, when distressing reports of large-scale massacre of Hindus and rape of Hindu women started reaching Gopal, he called out to Hindu youths and members of his Bharat Jatiya Bahini to resist the attacks by Muslims. Throughout the night, Gopal and his associates chalked out detailed action plans to stop Muslim attacks on Hindus. Hearing of the self-defense strategy being chalked out by Gopal, many non-Bengali Hindu men offered to help. Marwari traders of Burrabazar, who had also borne the brunt of Muslim attacks, offered financial help. Hindu blacksmiths made thousands of swords, spears, choppers, cleavers and other weapons in their workshops overnight.

The Hindu Fightback

By early morning of 18 August, small armies of Hindu youths were ready in Hindu localities to take on Muslim attackers. Suhrawardy and his Muslim League colleagues knew nothing of this build-up of Hindu resistance and started directing League criminals to Hindu areas from that morning again. Suhrawardy told his Muslim League colleagues and workers that they had two more days to cleanse Calcutta of Hindus as pressure was building up due to news of the killings reaching Delhi. Suhrawardy apprehended intervention by the viceroy, and hence his priority was to step up the killings of Hindus in Calcutta on 18 August and then turn his criminals loose in the three neighboring districts over the next two days to complete his evil plan.

But the Islamist goons and criminals received a nasty shock on 18 August morning. “They faced resistance everywhere. Hindu youths counter-attacked with such ferocity that the Muslim League men had to flee. Many were killed. Emboldened by their success in taking on and defeating their Islamist attackers, Hindu youths took the fight to Muslim-majority areas and started killing Islamist men. They did not, however, touch Muslim women and children or the aged and the infirm,” writes historian Sandip Bandopadhyay, who researched Gopal Mukhopadhyay extensively. “Gopal was never communal. He simply organized self-defense of Hindus by organizing Hindu youths to fight back Islamist aggression. He gave shelter to the homeless and widows and stopped them from getting killed or converted,” writes Bandopadhyay.

Over the next three days – 18-20 August – Muslim League goons were paid back in their own coin. All Muslim League goons who had led mobs in attacking Hindus and those who had participated in the pogrom against Hindus were identified, hunted down and killed. Panic spread among Muslims, who felt they were no longer safe in Calcutta. From 19 August, the tide had turned and Islamist men and youth who had killed Hindus were at the receiving end. Suhrawardy and his men, as well as the biased and anti-Hindu Calcutta Police officers and constabulary, could do nothing to stop Hindu resistance.

The Hindu fightback was led by Gopal Mukhopadhyay and some men like Basanta, a famous wrestler of Beadon Street (near Gopal’s residence in Bowbazar), but it was the Dalits and non-Bengali Hindus from Bihar and United Provinces who provided the muscle. Financed by Marwari traders, they fought back valiantly and succeeded in reversing the tide in favor of Hindus. By counter-attacking Islamists, they not only shattered the illusion among Islamists that Hindus were meek but also drove fear into the hearts of the Islamists who were confident of annihilating the Hindus.

Setback to Suhrawardy

Suhrawardy, who had thought Hindus were cowards and would submit meekly to Islamist attacks and subsequent domination, received a deep shock. He was shattered and, according to a British police officer, was seen in Lalbazar in the evening of 19 August in a state of utter shock, his head in his hands and muttering he could never imagine the Hindus would fight back and kill Muslims.

Suhrawardy’s sinister plan to kills Hindus in Calcutta and the neighboring districts in order to create panic among the Hindus and trigger an exodus from these areas, thus converting them into Muslim-majority areas that would be ripe for inclusion in East Pakistan, received a huge setback. Suhrawardy was a defeated man, thanks mainly to Gopal Mukhopadhyay. His plan lay in tatters. By 21 August, when viceroy’s rule was imposed in Bengal, Suhrawardy was dismissed, and the British and Gurkha army troops spread out all over Calcutta to put an end to the killings, more Muslims than Hindus had been killed.

Suhrawardy, in order to save his chair and put an end to the violence, deputed G G Ajmeri and Mujibur Rahman (later the creator of Bangladesh) who were musclemen and members of the Muslim League students’ wing and the Muslim National Guard, to seek truce with Gopal Mukhopadhyay. They went to Mukhopadhyay and pleaded for an end to the killings. Mukhopadhyay agreed on the condition that the Muslim League would disarm its killing squads and stop attacks on Hindus first. Suhrawardy complied.

Historians say Suhrawardy was not only driven to the wall by Hindu resistance and the consequent failure of his diabolical plans, he also sensed that the British viceroy Lord Archibald Wavell was at the edge of his patience and could dismiss Suhrawardy’s Muslim league government in Bengal. That would have been more disastrous for Suhrawardy and he would have lost all power on the eve of independence of India. He panicked and in order to save his chair, suggested truce with the Hindus. But it would prove to be too late; Lord Wavell dismissed the Muslim League government in Bengal on 21 August.

If Not for Gopal Mukhopadhyay…

It would be relevant here to examine what course history would have taken had Gopal Mukhopadhyay not organized a resistance by the Hindus from 18 August 1946. Calcutta’s population at the time was about 20 lakh. Of them, there were 12.8 lakh Hindus and 6.6 lakh Muslims. Of the 12.8 lakh Hindus, about 30 per cent (or about 3.84 lakh) were non-Bengalis whose voices and opinions would not have mattered had a referendum been held on the inclusion of Calcutta in East Pakistan since they would have been considered migrants from other provinces.

By 17 August night, an estimated 7,000 Hindus had been massacred by the Islamists and that had triggered a massive exodus of Hindus, mainly Bengali Hindus, from Kolkata. Had the killings continued for two more days, more Hindus would have died and the city’s Hindu population – the killings and exodus combined – would have come down to an estimated 7.8 lakh.

Researchers who have studied genocide and ethnic killings and subsequent exodus of the targeted community say that the killing of every 100 people triggers an exodus of at least 4,000 people. Thus, the killings of 12,000 Hindus (7,000 already killed and at least another 5,000 who would have been killed had the pogrom continued for another two days) would have triggered the exodus of nearly five lakh Hindus from Calcutta. That would have brought the population of Hindus in Calcutta down to about 7.8 lakh, a little higher than the existing Muslim population.

Suhrawardy and his Muslim League colleagues had also planned to bring in Muslims from Calcutta’s hinterlands to take over properties left by Hindus who had fled or were killed. He had plans to bring in at least four lakh Muslims from the Muslim-majority and densely populated eastern part of Bengal to settle in Calcutta in the neighboring industrial and economically advanced districts. Thus, the plan was to make Calcutta and its rich and industrially (as well as economically) advanced neighboring districts into Muslim-majority areas. That would have strengthened the Muslim League’s claim for inclusion of Calcutta and these districts in East Pakistan.

Gopal Mukhopadhyay Averted Disaster for Hindus

Had Suhrawardy’s game plan succeeded, it would have been disastrous for Bengali Hindus. Had Calcutta and its neighboring districts gone to East Pakistan, lakhs of Bengali Hindus would have been rendered homeless. And Hindus, as experience has shown, would not have been safe in Muslim-majority East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

Statistics prove this contention. Bengali Hindus have never been safe and have always faced discrimination, killings, rapes, forcible conversions and forced displacements in Muslim-majority East Bengal that went on to become East Pakistan and then Bangladesh. In 1901, Hindus formed 33 per cent of the population of the eastern part of Bengal. They dwindled to 31.5 per cent in 1911, 30.6 per cent in 1921, 29.4 per cent in 1931 and 28 per cent in 1941.

After 1947, the decline in the Hindu population in East Pakistan was sharp. Hindus got reduced to 22.05 per cent of the population of East Pakistan in 1951, to 18.5 per cent in 1961, 13.5 per cent in 1974 (after the creation of Bangladesh), 12.13 per cent in 1981, 10.51 per cent in 1991, 9.2 per cent in 2001 and 8.96 per cent in 2011. By 2031, Hindus will form barely 5 per cent of the population of Bangladesh.

This proves that Bengali Hindus would never have been safe in Muslim-majority East Pakistan that would have included Calcutta, Howrah, 24 Parganas and Hooghly had Suhrawardy’s pogrom against Hindus succeeded and had Gopal Mukhopadhyay not valiantly organized and fought back the murderous Islamist mobs inspired and led by Suhrawardy.

Will History Repeat Itself?

Bengali Hindus would, thus, have been without a homeland today if Suhrawardy had succeeded. If Bengali Hindus are living in Kolkata today, and if (West) Bengal exists today, they have Gopal Mukhopadhyay (and other stalwarts, primary among them being Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee) to thank for. Had it not been for them, Calcutta and major parts of present-day Bengal would have been part of East Pakistan and then Bangladesh, where Hindus are a persecuted lot living like miserable second-class citizens in penury and despair. Unfortunately, Bengali Hindus have forgotten their heroes to whom they owe their existence. They have forgotten their history. And that is why Bengal today faces the danger of Islamist forces trying to wrest political control of the state. Those who cannot remember the past, as nineteenth-century Spanish philosopher George Santayana had famously said, are bound to repeat it.

The only redeeming feature here is the brave efforts by Hindu Samhati over the past few years to resurrect the memory and contribution of Gopal Mukhopadhyay. For the past several years, Hindu Samhati has been organizing a rally on 16 August to commemorate Gopal Mukhopadhyay’s life and his efforts in saving the Hindus of Bengal and this city from becoming part of Pakistan. Encouragingly, a growing number of people, especially young men and women, have been participating in the rally. This year, an estimated 10,000 young men and women took part in the rally in Kolkata. Some Hindus, at least, are remembering history and drawing lessons from it.

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