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मुसलमानों द्वारा हिन्दू हत्याएं—

१. सन् 1018 में मुस्लिम तुर्कीयों का आक्रमण और मुस्लिम अब्दुल कासिम महमुद(महमुद गजनी) के द्वारा 50 हजार हिन्दुओं का कत्ल, हजारो स्त्रियों के साथ दुराचार व लगभग १ हजार मन्दिरो को नष्ट करना।।।

२. सन् 1024 मे महमुद गजनी का पुन: आक्रमण और 50 हजार हिन्दुओं का कत्ल, सोमनाथ मन्दिर की लुट, और मन्दिर को तोड़ देना ।।।
३. सन् 1193 मे मुहमद गौरी का आक्रमण और 1 लाख हिन्दुओं का कत्ल ।
४. सन् 1196 कुतुब अल दीन ऐबक का आक्रमण और 1 लाख से ज्यादा हिन्दुओं का कत्ल ।।
५. सन् 1197 मुहम्मद बिन बख्तियार खिलजी का अाक्रमण करके नालन्दा विश्वविधालय को धव्स्त करना और 10 हजार हिन्दु और बौद्धष्ठो का कत्ल।।
६. गयासुद्दीन बलबन का आक्रमण और मेवात के 1 लाख राजपुतो का कत्ल करना।।
७. सन् 1323 मे मुहम्मद बिन तुगलक के द्वारा 12 हजार हिन्दुओं का कत्ल ।।
८. सन् 1353 मे फिरोज शाह तुगलक के द्वारा 1 लाख 80 हजार हिन्दुओं का कत्ल ।।
९. सन् 1366 में बहमनी सल्तनत के द्वारा 5 लाख हिन्दुओं का कत्ल, गर्भवती स्त्रियों का पेट काटना, और हिन्दु महिलाओं के साथ दुराचार ।।
१०. सन् 1398 तैमुर का भारत पर आक्रमण करके 45 लाख हिन्दुओं का हरियाणा मे कत्ल करना।।
११. सन् 1398 मे तैमुर द्वारा पर भटनेर के किले पर आक्रमण करके सम्पुर्ण आबादी का सफाया।
१२. सन् 1398 मे ही तैमुर द्वारा गाजियाबाद के निकट लगभग 1 लाख स्त्रियों और बच्चो का दुराचार के बाद कत्ल करना।। ।
१३. सन् 1398 मे तैमुर द्वारा दिल्ली मे 1.5 लाख हिन्दु समेत अन्य धर्मो के लोगो का कत्ल।।
१४. सन् 1399 में तैमुर मेरठ में द्वारा 3 लाख हिन्दुओं का कत्ल, और लाखो स्त्रियों के साथ दुराचार ।।
१५. मार्च 1527 खानवा के युद्ध मे बाबर की सेना द्वारा 20 हजार हिन्दुओं की हत्या, जिसमे से 10 हजार राजपुत सैनिक बलिदान हुये।।
१६. सन् 1560 मे अकबर द्वारा नरसिंहपुर जिले मे 48 हजार हिन्दुओं की हत्या, मुख्यत: राजपुत मारे गये।।
१७. सन् 1565 मे दक्कन के सुलतान द्वारा 1 लाख से अधिक हिन्दुओं का नरसंहार और सभी मुख्य मन्दिरो को ध्वस्त करना।।
१८. सन् 1568 अकबर द्वारा किये गये आक्रमण मे चितौड़ केे 30 हजार राजपुतो का नरसंहार, और 8 हजार स्त्रियों का हरम मे जाने से बचने के लिये स्वयं को समापत कर लेना।।

१९. सन् 1618 से 1707 के मध्य मुगल साम्रज्य और ओरंगजेब के द्वारा 46 लाख हिन्दुओं की हत्या, लगभग 15 लाख ब्राहम्ण की हत्या काशी, हरिद्वार व अन्य स्थानो पर।।
२०. सन् 1738 से लेकर 1740 के मध्य नादिर शाह( फारसीयो द्वारा) के द्वारा 3 लाख हिन्दुओं की हत्या।।

२१. सन् १७६१ मे अफगानो के आक्रमण पर मराठो के साथ युद्ध मे 70 हजार मराठों का बलिदान होना, और 22 हजा

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From: Kumar Arun  < >

Islamic Scholars and Strategists have defined the 3 stages of conquest of any territory or nation .

These are  the 3 stages of  islamization of any country. First is Dar ul Harab , second is Dar ul Habeeb and final is Dar ul Islam/Dar ul Tawhik  .

Dar ul Harab is where Muslims are less than 5% , they are advised to live and merge their identity with the rest of the population , dress like others , behave like others and even use local names. Slowly they bring in relatives,  convert few more and have more children per family in order  to increase their numbers in the population.

Dar ul Habeeb Once they reach 20 to 30% they start asserting themselves through their Islamic dress which includes hijaab and burkaa for women , skull caps and short pajamas , start doing Namaz in public places , demand Islamic banking , Sharia law etc etc.

As per Islam Dar ul Harab and Dar ul Habeeb are conflict zones.

Dar ul Islam : once Muslim population exceeds 35 to 40% then starts a policy of aggressive and brutal  persecution of the non Muslims and it becomes so violent and bloody that eventually the non Muslims either flee that country or convert to Islam. Modus operandi is Murders of non Muslim men and sexual crimes against non Muslim women. In next 10 years the Muslim population jumps from 40% to 90% , this cleansing process continues till it goes up to 99.99%.

Caliph Aijaaz of Saudi Arabia in his written instructions to Mohd bin Qassim clearly instructed to show absolutely  no mercy to idol worshippers I.e. non Muslim people and soldiers. They should not be seatevd (seated?) at all and given no chance even if they plead acceptance of your rule.

Two days back 20 Hindus and Sikh brothers were killed in Afghanistan . In 1947 there were 7 lac Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan , in 2018 only 7000 are left , now they are being persecuted to leave the country.

Study any if the 52 Islamic nations and you will find the same process , examples that we can understand are Persia (now called Iran) , Kashmir , Can see similar things in Syria, Lebanon , Yemen.

India is now in final stage of  Dar ul Habeeb stage and moving rapidly towards next stage of Dar ul Tawhik .  Parts of India that are close of Dar ul Tawhik  stage are Kashmir valley , parts of course West Bengal, parts of Assam,  some parts of Western UP, parts of Kerala  .

Dar ul Tawhik is defined as a place where Muslims are dominant , the laws are Sharia and it’s borders are shared with Muslim countries.

Yesterday one communist man was murdered by Muslims .

The purpose of sending this post is just to create awareness on an issue that concerns all of us now or may  do so in immediate future .


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Shriharsha Sharma < > wrote:


Jihadi children—-This is the new challenge to the free world. This is a real threat but being ignored by the leaders of free world. It is already getting too late because it is getting worse by the day. This is also going on in Europe / Eurasia secretly. The western leaders do not even recognize this problem. The worst to follow because of ISLAMOPHILIA?




https://israelunwired.com/knoc k-socks-off-coming-generation/


 Ambitions of Islam –Goals of Islam:

 Wage war till only Islam is left on earth. Quran. —–8;39


 This is the most fundamental goal of Islam since its beginning in the 7th century.


 Ignorance about Islam’s aggressive teachings and aggressive, brutal, ruthless, killings, rapes, assassinations, loot, plunder, kidnapping, conversion, Jazia taxes, polygamy, lies, betrayals, and inhuman practices led to failure and defeat on part of non-Muslims throughout the history in the last 1400years of beginning of Islam from desert of Saudi Arabia and as result there are now 57 Muslim countries and is the fastest growing religion.


Unlimited amount of money is available as promised in the 2nd. International Islamic Conference held in 1982- 83, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saddam Hussein then president of Iraq, proposed by saying that Allah had spoken twice to them, in first instance he gave Quran and in second instance he gave us liquid gold– the petrol, so it was agreed to provide unlimited money unanimously to fund to Islamize the whole world as mentioned in the Quran.


 The kaffirs [ non-Muslims] must know about Islam because Islam has this aim to dominate at every level to convert this world into Islam by every possible way/ evil way. They are actively doing this so do not ignore if you have any pride in yourself your ancestors/ culture/religion/nation/ heritage freedom/ democracy.


 Who rules a Muslim as an individual, Muslim community or a Muslim country. It is not the head of the family, president, prime minister, the cabinet, an individual or the constitution but Koran/ Shari law in all the Muslim countries. where ever Muslims live as minority they repeatedly ask or try for Sharia law to be followed in non-Muslim countries.


There are 85 Sharia courts in England. They are constantly demanding more in European union.

Muslims in non-Muslim countries do not respect the law of the land and start demand for sharia law as soon as they have sufficient Muslim population. This is a myth that there are moderate / liberal/ secular Muslims, this is just to fool the host country/friends they sometimes call themselves secular/moderate. This is just to fool others that what Muslim terrorists are doing is against Islam or they are misguided or radicalized and their interpretation of Koran is wrong but in fact these terrorists are doing what the Koran says. The Ayats in Koran clearly say a lot against non-Muslims and these Muslims follow that and this is the fact.


 If you have any doubt then read Koran and see the facts. Koran motivates, incites, encourages, empowers, energizes and commands them to do against non-Muslims. This is very well organized declared/ undeclared/ proxy war at local, regional and international level by Muslims against all non-Muslims as declared by Koran.


 Non-Muslims are absolutely ignorant about Islam because they never cared to know about it and even so called educated think that only a few extremists are doing this terrorism but this is not true under the slogan of Jihad / Islam in danger they are all for one and one for all. Slogans like ‘Islam is in danger’ Allahu Akbar — Muslims join each other against non-Muslims/ infidels/kaffirs/ pagans/idolaters/ Christians/Hindus/ Jews/ Sikhs/Jains/ Buddhists. This is the war against all kafirs by all Muslims with all the possible assistance and help in all possible way.


A few words one must understand with their meaning.


 Kufra=unbelieve. Kafir=unbeliever or infidel or idolater= who does not believe in Allah, God of Muslims only. You are non-believer if you do not accept Allah as God. So, God strictly speaking is not God for Muslims. The word God is not synonymous for Allah as far as a Muslims are concerned.

There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah. —Shahada [ Islamic declaration of faith.]  There have been many prophets of Allah but Mohammad is the last prophet of Allah.

In Koran the word Allah is used exclusively for God who revealed Koran. NO GOD BUT ALLAH.

All other God/s or god/ goddesses are false according to Koran [ and Muslims.]

It must not be mistaken for any other God. When Koran refers to God it refers specifically /exclusively 100%to Allah or Muslim God.


 Darul Islam= means where there is Islamic majority and there is Islamic rule in that area or country like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan + 55 more Muslim countries.

 Darul harb= Where Muslims are not in majority but may be Islamic rule as it was under Moghuls in Hindusthan/India.


In a Darul harb country the Muslims have undeclared war with non-Muslims when they are in minority and as soon as they have say 2% to 5% Muslim population they start unending demand for sharia law/halal meat, hijab, bourka and many other things shamelessly and never grateful for the facilities they have from the host country. Muslims have no regard for the law or constitution of the host country and this is the reason for the demand for Sharia law and conflicts with the host population.

 The conversion of Hindus started in 711 A.D. and since then it has been going on every day by all the evil ways you name it by force, rape, forced feeding beef, forced marriages, kidnapping loot, plunder. Burning houses, Muslim invasions, Muslim rule, and terror, kidnap, loot, plunder, set fire to non-Muslims, jobs, false promises etc.


What is the aim of Muslims?


It is a sacred duty of a Muslims to convert non-Muslims to Islam by numerous ways since its beginning by force, terror, tricks, lies, betrayal, forced marriage, bribes, kidnapping, fear of death, rapes, gang rapes, black mailings, forced feeding of beef to vegetarians [Hindus Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists ] , fighting, invasions, Jizya or extra tax, false treaties, recitation of koranic verse under threats, killing children and family members before own family members, beheading people and showing pile of heads to people to create fear and terror so people convert to Islam and many other methods.


 The use of petrodollars or money from oil rich Muslim countries is playing major part in converting poor people all over the world and they have limitless fund for this as agreed in Riyad, Saudi Arabia in 1982-83 during 2nd. Islamic conference on suggestion by Saddam Hussein of Iraq that Allah had spoken twice to us first he gave us Quran and secondly, he gave us black liquid gold so let us use it to Islamize the whole world and they all agreed unopposed.


Islam means submission to the will of God the Muslim God called Allah. No God but Allah. Those who submit only to Allah are called Muslim. Those who do not accept Allah as God are Kaffir or non-believer and are disliked by Muslims and are target for conversion into Islam and this is the root cause of all the problems between Muslims and Kaffirs. There are five conditions or principles for every Muslim to follow.


[1] Faith in Allah and Mohammad as his last prophet on earth.

[2] Praying five times by kneeling daily in the direction of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

[3] Giving of alms. to support Masjids and poor from income.

[4] Fasting throughout in the month of Ramadan, the 9th month of Muslim calendar from morning until evening.

[5] Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca once in life dressed in white cloths.


 Muslims call themselves believers means those who believe in Allah only and all others are called non-believers/ kaffir/ infidel/ idolaters by them.


 Muslims are extremely intolerant/ violent /abusive and do not like non-Muslims and this is the root cause of all the problems in the society all over wherever they go because according to them ideal society which accepts and follows Islamic theocracy. Whatever others believe is false and whatever Muslims believe is true.


This is a myth that there are moderate Muslims. Muslims rich or poor, educated or uneducated, a villager or from city, from Arab countries or Europe, from Asia or Africa, white or black or brown, in business or manual worker, Sunni or Shia or Ahmadi or of any stock they are all united against non-Muslims under the slogan of Islam in danger, Allahu Akbar. This is the truth the non-Muslims must see and decide their behavior, voting in elections and dealings or accepting as refugees.


Islamization of the whole world is their aim and this has been going on since 7th. century because there was not a single Muslim 1400 years ago. Now they are 1500 million. Their aim is clear [ 100%] and they are working on it but the tragedy is that the non- Muslims leaders in particular and people in general have never taken it seriously so Muslims are increasing in number more than ever before at present. This is the game of numbers and in democratic countries if you have numbers then you can win elections and once they have majority they will impose Islamic rule and that will be the end of pre-Islamic culture, languages, way of living and the beginning of destruction of temples, schools churches, freedom of expression etc.


Kill those who worship idols. — Quran 9;5. Women are inferior, flog them if they speak. –Quran 4;34

Wage war till only Islam is left on earth. —Quran 8;39. Kill the Mushrik [ idolaters] wherever you find them——shoot them if you can, stab them, throw stones at their heads, poison them over, burn their fields—–and if you are unable—–spit on their faces.


 Spilling the blood of civilians and soldiers are both permitted—-[for] the blood of unbeliever [ non-Muslim] is like the blood of dog. —-Quran.


 The non-Muslims must come out of confusion created by their leaders and Muslim leaders that in fact there is only one Islam and all Muslims follow the same one Prophet Mohammad and one book Quran.

Muslims who in public try to distance themselves from Jihadis, Wahabis, extremists and terrorist-barbarians are fooling non-Muslims since 7th. century. The lie is not a lie if it promotes the cause of Islam for Muslims according to Quran.


In broad day light a young English soldier Lee Rigby was beheaded in Woolwich, England in presence of many passersby in May 2013 by two Jihadis. These killers are in jail for life.

The ISIS has beheaded two Japanese in 2014.

The list is too large to mention here.

This a shame on the part of Britain that there are now active 85 Sharia courts in England.


They have named Europe as Eurasia and within few years small countries in E.U. will see the Islamic state of Belgium/ Belgistan. Small countries in Europe will be under Islamic rule like Sweden, Norway, Belgium. At present Sweden has become heaven for Muslim rapists so Sweden is a lost case and others will follow. Then others will follow all due to increase in Muslim numbers.


 Islam is an evil cult and it destroys everything it touches which can be seen in all Muslim nations that pre-Islamic things are not seen in there. Muslims destroy all pre-Islamic symbols and monuments.

This is the great game of numbers to win in democracy. This democracy will last until they have the power because Islam and democracy are incompatible. There is no democracy in Muslim countries. They will take the power by democracy but then overnight change to Islamic rule/sharia law as they have done in 57 countries by destroying pre-Islamic religions, heritage, traditions, languages, culture dress, food habits, music, dance, arts, fine arts, museums, schools, monuments, statues, destroying places of worship, universities, libraries and way of clothing and administration according to past records of Muslims in the countries they are in majority.




 This is a declared war against all non-Muslims by Quran since 7th, century. Muslims have followed this to the letter so have no confusion. They are ever prepared for this and they are working on this to Convert you, your family, your community, your country by every way possible or evil way.

The non-Muslim leaders in particular and people in general are confused about the intentions of Muslims and as result Muslims are fooling them and winning in their aims and ambitions.

 Read Quran in English published by Penguins and you will find all above quotations in there.


 For a Muslim supreme is Allah but even Mohammad is above Allah. For a Muslim all the laws made by man are inferior to Quran/ Sharia and Hadith. A Muslim is NOT loyal to any country which is Darul-Harb or where Muslims are a minority and there is no Sharia law. He is loyal to a Darul- Islamic country where Muslims are in majority and Sharia law practiced and if he is citizen of that country. That is why they are in dispute for everything with locals and governments in non-Islamic country for never ending demands according to teachings of Quran. Where ever Muslims are the peace has gone away forever because they cannot live together with fellow Muslims such as Sunnis and Shias and other Muslim sects, and this is clear from past and more so from present never-ending problems, infighting, killing and problems created by Hamas, Al Quada, ISIS and countless other Muslims terrorist organizations being created to cause problems, chaos and conflicts all over the world.


Islamists practice Taqiya —that is lying in the service of Islam which is justified. Islamists justify the means and complete disregard for the truth in order to dominate at local, regional and global level to establish Islam–Sharia laws. They are ruling in 57 Muslim countries and goal is to rule over the world and are working for it for the last 1400 years. Islam is at its fastest speed now a challenge to Kaffirs.


 Quran states: 273 times that Muslims must kill Kaffir; 164 times states that Muslims must start Jehad/

 holy war to control the world; it also states 109 times to behead non-Muslims if they refuse to become Muslims and to terrorize for domination over Kaffirs.


Who is a Kaffir?


 1. Anyone who does not believe in Allah. Allah is exclusively a God for Muslims only. Muslims always use the name of Allah. In their teachings ‘There is no God but Allah.’Allahu Akbar, Insa Allah etc.

 2. Anyone who does not believe in Quran.

 3. Anyone who does not believe in prophet Mohammad.


 A Kaffir must be converted to Islam if he or she refuses then kill them.

 Allah is supreme in Islam and God for Muslims only.

 Allah is not synonym with God or other God/s for Hindus/ Jews/ Buddhists/ Christians/Pagans or any other religion.


Islam has stood against all the religions of the world throughout its history since its origin in 7th. century.


[There is no God but Allah. Allah is the only God all other God/s are false according to teachings of Quran and this is the cause of all the conflicts, riots, violence, Jihad or holy wars between Muslims and non-Muslims. This must go on until all Kaffirs are converted to Islam and this is undeclared- declared war since 7th. century by Quran which must be understood by all non-Muslims. This is the most important reason that Islam has 57 Islamic countries. Now Middle east countries are using Petro Dollar to dominate in all the continents and targeting smaller nations. In these countries their aim is to get in and increase Muslim number by producing more children or converting locals slowly but surely by all evil ways.]  The mass migration from Middle east and Africa is the latest trick to invade Europe and European leaders have failed to understand its devastating effects in very near future.


Don’t be ignorant about aims and ambitions of Islam, ignorance is weakness and is the root cause all the problems for non-Muslims. Non-Muslims have been losing the fight without much resistance at local, regional, national and international level and as result there are 57 Muslim countries today. Many countries would be losing to Islam and these countries [ Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Scotland, India] will soon become Islamic countries due to increase in Muslim population so open your eyes and see what is happening around you and look after your interests to defeat Islam/ Muslims. It is getting too late in many parts of the world.


Terrorists are not misinterpreting the Quran. It is clearly written in the Quran that non-Muslims must be killed. Secularists who defend Islam have never studied the Quran. The Quran is the root cause of terrorism by Muslims. ————–Taslima Nasarin. Author, Exiled from Bangladesh


To conquer Europe, we do not need to go to war but increase number of Muslims in these counties as immigrant and win the power and declare Islamic state. ————–Col. M. Gaddafi.


Can a Muslim be a good human being?


Let us discuss with open mind and history of Islam and records of Muslims since birth of Islam in the 7th. century in Saudi Arabia.

[1] Theologically———No because his\her loyalty is to Allah only and Allah means God of Muslims only as clearly written in Quran. This is taught to all Muslims since childhood.

[2] Religiously——– No. Because no other religion is accepted by his|/her Allah except Islam.

[3] Scripturally——- No because Muslim is committed to Allah, five pillars of Islam, Mohammad and Quran.

[4] Geographically: —–No. Because his allegiance is to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to which he turns for Namaaz/prayers five times a day wherever he o| she may be.

[5] Socially———No, because his allegiance is to Islam which forbids him to make friends with non-Muslims or kaffirs, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others.

[6] Politically—–No. Because a Muslim must submit to Sharia, Quran Which teaches annihilation of non-Muslims. Through Mullahs annihilation of Israel and America the satins.

[Islam is incompatible with fundamentals of democracy as declared by European Court of Justice in 2003]

[7] Domestically——No. Because Muslims are instructed to have four women as wives and beat and scourge them when disobeyed. —Quran 4:34

[8] Intellectually — No. Muslims cannot accept the democratic values and constitution. They accept it when in minority but not when in majority. As a minority they always demand for Shari laws and courts in all the non-Muslim [ Darul Harb ]  countries.

Because of inbreeding in Muslims, they have low I Q so hardly any contribution in science, technology or medicine etc.

[9] Spiritually——-No. Because Allah is never referred as loving in Quran’s 99 names of Allah.

The Muslims cannot be good human beings because they are taught to like only Muslims and hate all non-Muslims. This is the reason that they are in conflicts with others all over the world.

Jihad is far bigger and deeply rooted in Muslims than we know or understand because of ignorance about teachings of Islam in Madrassas and Masjids by Mullah as written in Quran.

Can they be human beings? NO—NO—NO.


You cannot get a sweet fruit from a seed of poisonous fruit.


Mohammad fought 86 battles in his short life, 23 of which he led himself, he killed many innocent people in these battles, yet Islam says: if you have killed one innocent life you have killed them all..

 Hypocrisy thy name is Islam.


The truth must be told. Violence is the weapon of Islam/Muslims. Islam is born through violence, raised by violence, thieves on violence, spread through violence and dies without violence. Sharing loot, bounty and women during and after wars is the greatest temptation to join in the war.

Jihad called holy war if you die for Islam. You go to heaven where you will get Houris– the virgin girls/ boys to enjoy and best wine to drink. [ In Islam alcohol is banned.]

Ghazi means Muslim who kills non-Muslims. When he/she dies directly goes to heaven and can enjoy there as written in Quran and preached by Mullah.


The religion which requires prosecution to sustain, it is of devil’s propagation. ———-Hosea Billon.

William Ewart Gladstone [ 1809-1898], the prime minister of U.K. called Quran an accursed book and held it up during a session in House of Commons [ Parliament] declaring– so long as there is this book– Quran there will be no peace in the world.

Doctrine of Islam as practiced by Muslims and supported by silent Muslims as mentioned in Quran.,


1.You can rape, marry and divorce pre-pubescent girl.65:4

2. You can enslave for sex and work.4:3, 24 :4 :, 33.50, 70, 29, 30.

3. You can beat woman, 4:34.

4. you will need four witnesses to prove rape 24:4

5. Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jazya tax, 9:29

6, Crucify and amputate non-Muslims, 8;12;47:4

7. You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven, 9:11

8. You will kill who leaves Islam2:217;4:89.

9.You will behead non-Muslim, 47.4

10. You will kill and be killed for Allah. Verse of sword 9;5.

11.You will terrorize non-Muslims.8:60.

12. You will steal form non-Muslims. Chapter 8. booty and spoils of war.

13. Lie to strengthen Islam.354, 9:3.188.106.

14. Taquia deception 2:25


In all Muslim countries non-Muslim are decreasing in number because of conversion to Islam or they are expelled or terrorized so ran away to save themselves.


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From: Chandar Kohli < >

Sects [[[the cast system]]] in Islam—–

:::::  Name of the Sects in Islam and their Basic Beliefs

1. Jarudiah:
Followers of Abu’l-Jarud. They believe Holy Prophet (pbuh) designated Al-Isa as the Imam by his characteristics but not by name.

2. Sulamania:
Followers of Sulaiman ibn-Jarir al-Zaidi. They believed Imamat was a matter of Jaririya conference and could be confirmed by two best Muslims.

3. Butriyah:
They did not dispute the Khilafat of Uthman (ra), neither they attack him nor Hurariyah praise him.

4. Yaqubiyya:
They accepted the Khilafat of Abu Bakr (ra) and Umar (ra), but did not reject those who rejected these Khulifaa. They also believed that Muslim commiters of Major sins will be in hell forever.

5. Hanafiyah:
Followers of the Imammate of Muhammad ibn-al-Hanifah. They believe that Allah might have had a beginning.

6. Karibiyah:
They believed that Imam Muhammad ibn-al-Hanifah is not dead and is the Imam Ghaib (in disappearance) and the expected Mahdi.

7. Kamiliyah:
Followers of Abu-Kamil. They believed companions to be heretic because they forsook their allegiance to Ali (ra) and condemn Ali (ra) for ceasing to fight them. They believed in the returning of the dead before the Day of Resurrection and that Satan is right in preferring fire to clay. 

8. Muhammadiyyah: 
Followers of Muhammad ibn-Abdullah ibn-al-Hassan. They do not believe/Mughairiyah that Imam Muhammad ibn-Abdullah died and that he is the Imam Ghaib and awaited Mahdi.

9. Baqiriyah:
Followers of Muhammad ibn-Ali al-Baqir. They believe him to be the Imam Ghaib and expected Mahdi.

10. Nadisiyah:
They believe that those who consider themselves better than anyone else are Kafirs (disbelievers).

11. Sha’iyah:
They believe that the one who has recited La Ilaha Il-Allah (there is none worthy of worship except Allah), whatever she or he does, will never be punished.

12. Ammaliyah:
They believe that faith for one is what he/she sincerely practices.

13. Ismailiyah:
They believe in the continuity of Imammate among the descendants of Ismail ibn-Ja’far.

14. Musawiyah:
They believe Musa ibn-Ja’far to be the Imam Ghaib and expected Mahdi / Mamturah.

15. Mubarakiyah:
They believe in the continuity of Imammate among the descendants of Muhammad ibn-Ismail ibn-Ja’far.

16. Kathiyah:
They believe that expected Mehdi will be twelveth Imam among the /Ithn Áshariya descendants of the Áli ibn-abi-Talib. (The Twelvers). 

17. Hashamiya:
They Predicate a body to Allah and also allege Prophet (pbuh) of disobedience/ Taraqibiyah to Allah 

18. Zarariyah:
They believe that Allah did not live nor had any attributes till He created for Himself life and His attributes.

19. Younasiyah:
Followers of Younas ibn-Ábd-al-Rahman al-Kummi. They believe that Allah is borne by the bearers of His Throne, though He is stronger than they are.

20. Shaitaniyah/Shireekiyah:
They believed in the view that deeds of servants of Allah are substances; and a servant of Allah can really produce a substance.

21. Azraqaih:
Followers of Nafi ibn-al-Azraq. They do not believe in the good dreams and visions and claim that all forms of revelations have ended.

22. Najadat: 
Followers of Najdah ibn-Ámir al-Hanafi. They abolished the punishment of drinking wine also they believed that sinners of this sect would not be treated in hellfire but some other place before allowed in Paradise.

23. Sufriyah:
Followers of Ziyad ibn-al-Asfar. They believed that sinners are in fact polytheists.

24. Ajaridah:
Followers of Abd-al-Karim ibn-Ajrad. They believed that a child should be called to Islam after it has attained maturity. Also they believed booty of war to be unlawful till the owner is killed. 

25. Khazimiyah: 
They believe Allah loves men of all faiths even if one has been a disbeliever most of his life.

26. Shuaibiyah/Hujjatiyah: 
They believed that what Allah desires does happen no matter what and what does not happen it means Allah desires it not.

27. Khalafiyah:
Followers of Khalaf. They do not believe in fighting except under the leadership of an Imam.

28. Ma’lumiyah/Majhuliah: 
They believed that whoever did not recognise Allah by His names was ignorant of Him and anyone ignorant of Him was a disbeliever.

29. Saltiyah:
Followers of Salt ibn-Usman. They believed in the conversion of adults only and if father has converted to Islam children were considered disbelievers till they reach maturity.

30. Hamziyah:
Followers of Hamza ibn-Akrak. They believe that children of polytheists are condemned to hell.

31. Tha’libiyah:
Followers of Tha’labah ibn-Mashkan. They believe that parents remain guardians over their children of any age until children make it clear to parents that they are turning away from truth.

32. Ma’badiyah:
They did not believe in taking or giving alms from or to slaves.

33. Akhnasiyah:
They do not believe in waging a war except in defence or when the opponent is known personally.

34. Shaibaniyah/Mashbiyah: 
Followers of Shaiban ibn-Salamah al-Khariji. They believe that Allah resembles His creatures.

35. Rashidiyah:
They believe that land watered by springs, canals or flowing rivers should pay half the Zakat (tithe), while land watered by rain only should pay he full Zakat.

36. Mukarramiyah/tehmiyah: 
Followers of abu-Mukarram. They believe that ignorance constitutes as disbelief. Also that Allah enmity or friendship depends upon the state of a persons’ belief at his death.

37. Abadiyah/Afáliyah:
They consider Abdullah ibn-Ibad as their Imam. They believe in doing good deeds without the intention of pleasing Allah.

38. Hafsiyah: 
Consider Hafs ibn-abi-l-mikdam as their Imam. They believe that only knowing Allah frees one from polytheism.

39. Harithiya:
Followers of Harith ibn-Mazid al-Ibadi. They believe that the ability precedes the deeds.

40. Ashab Ta’áh:
They believe that Allah can send a prophet without giving him any sign to prove his prophecy.

41. Shabibiyah/Salihiyah: 
Followers of Shabib ibn-Yazid al-Shaibani. They believe in the Imamate of a woman named Ghazalah.

42. Wasiliyah:
Followers of Wasil ibn-‘Ata al-Ghazza. They believe that does who commit major sins will be punished in hell but still remain believers.

43. Ámriyah:
Followers of Amir ibn-Ubaid ibn-Bab. They reject the legal testimony of people from supporters of either side of the battle of Camel.

44. Hudhailiyah/Faniya:
Followers of abu-al-Hudhail Muhammad ibn-al-Hudhail. They believe that both Hell and Paradise will perish and that preordination of Allah can cease, at which time Allah will no longer be omnipotent.

45. Nazzamiyah:
Followers of abu-Ishaq Ibrahim ibn-Saiyar. They do not believe in the miraculous nature of the Holy Quran nor do they believe in the miracles of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) like splitting the moon.

46. Mu’ammariyah:
They believe that Allah neither creates life nor death but it is an act of the nature of living body.

47. Bashriyah:
Followers of Bashr ibn-al-Mu’tamir. They believe that Allah may forgive a man his sins and may change His mind about this forgiveness and punish him if he is disobedient again.

48. Hishamiyah:
Followers of Hisham ibn-ämr al-Futi. They believe that if a Muslim community come to consensus it needs an Imam and if it rebels and kills its Imam, no one should be chosen an Imam during a rebellion.

49. Murdariyah:
Followers of Isa ibn-Sabih. They believe that staying in close communication with the Sultan (ruler) makes one unbeliever.

50. Ja’friyah:
Followers of Ja’far ibn-Harb and Ja’far ibn-Mubashshir. They believe that drinking raw wine is not punishable and that punishment of hell could be inferred by a mental process. 

51. Iskafiyah:
Followers of Muhammad ibn-Abdallah al-Iskafi. They believe that Allah has power to oppress children and madman but not those who have their full senses.

52. Thamamiyah:
Followers of Thamamah ibn-Ashras al-Numairi. They believe that he whom Allah does not compel to know Him, is not compelled to know and is classed with animals who are not responsible.

53. Jahiziayh:
Followers of ‘Ámr ibn-Bahr al-Jahiz. They believe that Allah is able to create a thing but unable to annihilate it. 

54. Shahhamiyah/Sifatiyah:
Followers of abu-Yaqub al-Shahham. They believe that everything determined is determined by two determiners, one the creator and the other acquirer. 

55. Khaiyatiyah/Makhluqiyah:
Followers of abu-al-Husain al-Khaiyat. They believe that everything non-existent is a body before it appears, like man before it is born is a body in non-existence. Also that every attribute becomes existent when it makes its appearance. 

56. Ka’biyah:
Followers of abu-qasim Abdullah ibn-Ahmed ibn-Mahmud al-Banahi known as al-Ka’bi. They believe that Allah does not see Himself nor anyone else except in the sense that He knows himself and others. 

57. Jubbaiyah:
Followers of abu-‘Ali al-Jubbai. They believe that Allah obeys His servants when he fulfils their wish. 

58. Bahshamiyah:
Followers of abu-Hashim. They believe that one, who desires to do a bad deed, though may not do it, commit infidelity and deserve punishment.

59. Ibriyah:
They believe that Holy Prophet (pbuh) was a wise man but not a prophet.

60. Zanadiqiyah:
They believe that the incident Miraj was a vision of the Holy prophet (pbuh) and that we can see Allah in this world. 

61. Qabariyya:
They do not believe in the punishment of grave. 

62. Hujjatiya:
They do not believe in the punishment for deeds on the grounds. 

63. Fikriyya:
They believe that doing Dhikr and Fikr (Remembering and thinking about Allah) is better than worship. 

64. ‘Aliviyah/Ajariyah:
They believe that Hazrat Ali shared Prophethood with Mohammad (pbuh) 

65. Tanasikhiya:
They believe in the re-incarnation of soul.

66. Rajiýah:
They believe that Hazrat Ali ibn-abi-Talib will return to this world. 

67. Ahadiyah:
They believe in the Fardh (obligations) in faith but deny the Sunnah.

68. Radeediyah:
They believe that this world will live forever.

69. Satbiriyah:
They do not believe in the acceptance of repentance. 

70. Lafziyah:
They believe that Quran is not the word of God but only its meaning and essence is the word of God. Words of Quran are just the words of the narrator. 

71. Ashariyah:
They believe that Qiyas (taking a guess) is wrong and amounts to disbelief. 

72. Bada’iyah:
They believe that obedience to Ameer is obligatory no matter what he commands.

*Islamic Encyclopaedia published by Munshi Mehboob ‘Alim’ (editor Newspaper Paisa, Lahore, Pakistan). Page 570-572.
*Al-Farq Bain Al Firaq, by Abu Mansur ‘abd-al-Kahir ibn-Tahir al-Baghdadi, Translated into English by Kate Chambers Seelye, (AMS Press, NewYork 1996)
*Kitab Lajawaab Masmay ba-Mazhab al-Islam by Hakeem Maulvi Muhammad Najam al-Ghani Rampuri, 1st edition, (Munshi Nau Lakshoor Lakhnau 1924).

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From: Shriharsha Sharma < >


Rohingya militants massacred nearly 1000 Hindus in

Myanmar in August 2017, finds Amnesty

Accountability for the insurgents’ action is as crucial as the military crackdown that followed, the human rights group said.

Rohingya insurgents killed nearly 1000 Hindu civilians in western Myanmar in August, rights organisation Amnesty International has found. In a report on Tuesday, Amnesty said an armed group killed up to 990 Hindus, including children, in one, or possibly two, massacres.

The alleged attacks by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army had prompted military action in northern Rakhine state, forcing almost 7 lakh Rohingya Muslims to flee to Bangladesh in subsequent weeks. The United Nations has used the term “ethnic cleansing” to describe the military action against the community, which included widespread rapes, arson and massacres.

Masked fighters of the Rohingya outfit killed Hindus near Kha Maung Seik village, Amnesty International found. The report cites witnesses including eight Hindu women who alleged they were abducted by ARSA fighters and forced to convert to Islam.

The militant group had denied allegations of massacre of Hindus in September 2017.

“It’s hard to ignore the sheer brutality of ARSA’s actions, which have left an indelible impression on the survivors we’ve spoken to,” Tirana Hassan, Amnesty International’s crisis response director, said in a statement. “Accountability for these atrocities is every bit as crucial as it is for the crimes against humanity carried out by Myanmar’s security forces in northern Rakhine State.”

Amnesty International has called for Myanmar to grant UN investigators access to the conflict area to look into the alleged atrocities by both the Rohingya insurgent and the Army.

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From: Devindersing Gulati < >
13. “Dread the day wherein one soul shall not make satisfaction for another soul, neither shall any intercession be accepted from them, nor shall any compensation be received, neither shall they be helped.” (2: 48)

C. ~ Should we not dread the present? One should dread evil doing on all days. If it be true that no intercession will be accepted, how can this statement be reconciled with the belief of the  Mohammedan that they will go to paradise through the intercession of the Prophet?

Does God help only those who are in paradise and not those who are in hell? If it is so, God is not free from prejudice. [Swami Dayanand; Satayarth Prakash].

On Friday, 4 May, 2018, 7:52:28 AM IST, devindersingh gulati < > wrote:
12. “And we said, O Adam, dwell thou and thy wife in the garden, and eat of the fruit thereof plentifully wherever ye will; but approach not this tee, lest ye become of the number of the transgressors. But Satan caused them to forfeit paradise, and turned them out of the state of happiness wherein they had been, whereupon we said, Get down, one of you shall be an enemy unto the other; and there shall be a dwelling place for you on earth, a provision for a season. And Adam learned words of prayer for His Lord and then came down to earth.” (2: 35 – 37.)

C. ~ This indicates that God was not omniscient inasmuch as He one moment blesses Adam saying “Dwell thou…. In the garden” and in the next turns them out. Had He been cognizant of the future, He would not have blessed him at all? It also appears that God was powerless to punish Satan, the tempter.
Did God plant that tree for Himself or for others? If it was for others He should not have prevented them (Adam and his wife) from tasting the fruit thereof. God could never do such things, nor could they be ever found in His book. What were the words Adam leant from God and how did Adam come down on earth? Is the paradise somewhere in the sky or on some hill? Did Adam fly sown like a bird or fall down like a stone?

It appears that there is dust in paradise since Adam was made of dust. Angels too like Adam must also have been made of dust inasmuch as bodily organs cannot be made without dust (earthly material) but the body made of dust, must perish. Hence if the angels are also subject to death, one should like to know where they go after death. On the other hand if they do not die, they could not have been born, but if they were born, they would surely die. If this be the case, the statement of the Qoran that women in paradise live for ever cannot be valid inasmuch as they must also die. It follows, therefore, that all those who go to heaven will also die. [Dayanand]
On Thursday, 3 May, 2018, 7:38:03 PM IST, devindersingh gulati < > wrote:
11. “And when we said unto the angels, worship Adam, they all worshipped him except Eblis (Satan), who refused, and was puffed up withpride and became of the number of the unbelievers.” 2: 34.)

C. ~ This indicates that the Mohammedan God was not Omniscient i.e., He was not cognizant of the three periods of time – the past, the present, and future. Had he been Omniscient, He would not have created Satan. Nor was God All-powerful, since when Satan deliberately refuse to obey Him he could do nothing against him. Now if only one infidel (Satan), could trouble God so much as to render Him helpless what will He and His votaries do when they will have to cope with millions (according to their own belief) of infidels? God increased infirmity in some and let others astray. He must have learnt such things from Satan and Satan from God.

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From: Rajput < >

On Sat, 31 Mar 2018 18:49

And then the ENEMY captured Lahore and proceeded to massacre the non Muslim residents in the city- the indigenous people.  
Gangs of killers roamed freely. Law enforcing authorities were nowhere to be seen. Residents shut their doors & windows in terror, awaiting the inevitable, expecting the worst.
There was NO law and order in Lahore just as there had been NO law and order in Multan and Rawalpindi earlier, now resembling ghost towns. The barbarians had wiped out civilization.
Those who stepped out to fetch water from the street taps, buy food or milk for the babies were instantly beheaded. The others perished in their own homes set ablaze by the highly charged Muslim mobs shouting “Allah hu Akbar”. Women and girls were dragged out of their homes to be raped and gang raped, none heeding to their anguished cries. They shouted “Mummy!, Daddy!” whose mutilated corpses lay in front of their eyes.
India, Bharat, Hindustan, whatever one may wish to call her, had DIED.
Where was humanity? Where were the champions of Secularism? Where were the super powers? Where was the UNO? where were HUMAN – RIGHTS , Where was God?
Weeks later the INVADERS were to head for Srinagar, raping, looting, burning along the way till the Indian army, flown in post-haste, confronted them just 12 miles short of Srinagar, the capital, where the residents heaved a sigh of relief.
Was “Partition” a non event like the bite of a mosquito or a devastating, crippling, major attack by a “beast” that mutilated India, devouring a leg and an arm, claimed two million lives, brought the frontier down from Khyber to Wagah, with gangrene spreading in torso?
How patriotic are those who “deny” Partition like those who deny the Jewish Holocaust? How right are they who do not wish to talk about Partition of India, fearing civil war and their own death?
Are they serving or betraying Truth? Are they brave or cowards? Can the cowards defy common sense and the entire wisdom of mankind, all the lessons from history, all Laws of Nature- and still hold on to LAND?
What do YOU think?
Easter weekend 2018
(Saturday 31 March 2018)
PS: Please preserve this “leaf from memory” and save it for the coming generations, for the humanity – till eternity.
On Sunday, April 1, 2018 7:46 AM, rsingh305 via Patriots Forum < > wrote:


Thank you.
Our great civilisation and the even greater glory of our Scriptures, thoughts and writings must be seen through the lense of PERFORMANCE ON LAND. By now it should be OBVIOUS to all that our enemies, with Spiritual & Ideological epicentres in distant FOREIGN lands, aim to capture our LAND to the last square inch and exterminate us or drive us up the trees. How many Non Muslims have survived in West Punjab and what is the STATUS & IMAGE of Hindus in East Bengal?
In other words, all the Vedas and Granths and all our heroes and martyrs and the great scholarly volumes on the “Hindu” way of life, philosophy and Dharma, mean little if they are contemptuously considered little or irrelevant in Lahore and East Bengal, and if we see a Hindu dreaming of getting back to his home in Srinagar or crying over the sight of his looted shop and home and the burnt out shell of his temple in West Bengal. Overall “Hindu” (majority community) protective UMBRELLA was also expected to ensure the safety and well-being of the smaller and more vulnerable NATIVE “streams and tributaries” like the Jains, the SIKHS and the Buddhists.
“Performance on Land” means the ability of the NATIVES (Hindus) to DOMINATE our territory from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG in a virile and manly manner, NOT from Wagah to Hoogly.
With these ideas, a resurgence should begin straightaway with the aim of flying Bhagwa over KHYBER PASS once again. The WATERSHED between Savage and the Civilised has to be Khyber Pass and Sulaiman Range, not Wagah and Kutch. A bully and aggressor must NEVER be rewarded, or allowed to live with his LOOT.
1 Apr 18

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